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Red Sox: Justin Turner Update

Justin Turner was spotted at the Red sox complex in Fort Myers on Thursday just days after taking a pitch to the face that required 16 stiches. Turner was if you can call it lucky. that there were no fractures and it only required some adept stitching by the good people at Lee Heath of south Florida.

Pete Abe of the Boston Globe reported this morning that Turner was back at camp yesterday and is hopeful to be ready for the start of the season when the Sox break camp.

Alex Cora addressed the media yesterday and told Ian Brown and others that it should be about two weeks at least, before Turner would get the stiches removed. and then they would keep a close eye on the situation see how things are progressing in the coming days before making any determination about opening day.

Turner is a key addition to the Sox lineup, and is being depended on to make up for the power numbers and veteran leadership lost this off season with the departures of Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez. Turner reached out to Red Sox nation himself to thank everyone for their well wishes and the efforts of the Red Sox Staff and Lee Health for their excellent care. It appears this incident has done nothing to dull turners sense of humor.

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