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Red Sox: Justin Turner Takes 16 Stiches after being Struck by 97 MPH Pitch to the Face.

Red Sox third baseman Justin Turner stepped into the batter's box yesterday in the bottom of the first inning with two on and one out. He quickly worked a 2-1 count and then the crowd gasped in horror. Tigers starter Matt Manning checks the runner Kike Hernandez at second then immediately fired a 97 MPH fast ball that went up and in on Turner striking him in the face. The 38 year old 3b/DH hit the ground like a sack of Spaldings. Red Sox medical staff rushed out of the dugout as blood flowed from his mouth and nose. Minuets later they helped him from the field back to the clubhouse.

Red Sox fans around the nation held their breath for the next eight and a third innings waiting for an update that felt like it never seemed to come. Until it did. Later in the game the Red Sox announced Turner had been taken to a local hospital.

This was all anyone had heard for the rest of the contest. Then out of the darkness Turner's wife tweeted out this statement.

Tigers Pitcher Manning told reporters after the game that he plans to reach out and apologize to Turner, vehemently letting everyone know the pitch was not intentional.

“It was a complete accident; the ball just got away,” Manning said. “I got a swing and miss on a ball kind of up in the zone, so I tried to go back to it, and it just got away from me.”

Let's all sigh in relief that this doesn't sound like a situation that will keep Turner shelved for some but not a great deal of time. He and his wife know how lucky they are to be able to post such good news if there is good news after an incident like this. Turner who won a WS with the Dodgers in 2020 signed a 2 year 22 million dollar deal this past January with the Red Sox. Not that that matters.

The Red Sox went on to beat the Tigers 7-1. Also not that that matters.

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