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Giants Fold Mets All in on Carlos Correa

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Carlos Correa is heading to Queens ! What a week Scott Boras is having. Just hours after Correas' 13 year 350 million dollar deal with the San Francisco Giants fell apart the super-agent worked a 12 year 315 million dollar deal with Steve Cohen and the New York Metropolitans. ( pending another physical )

Just a day and hours ago the Giants postponed their press conference to introduce their new shortstop and face of the franchise. While the world was left scratching their heads as to the whys and wherefores, Boras was working the phones from his offices to Hawaii to get himself I mean his client a new deal. And in the blink of an eye: in Free Agent time, Correa has swapped coasts and positions. Young Carlos will now play out his years in baseball as the Third Basemen for the Mets instead of the Shortstop for the Giants. As the Mets will keep 2 X gold glove winner Francisco Lindor at Short. And move the gold and platinum glove winning Correa to the hot corner.

Reports are vague to say the least as to why the Giants pulled their deal off the table. Terms like Medical issues and differing opinions between team and doctors are being bandied about. But no one is certain as of yet what those differing medicals are or could be. And no one wants to speculate on any player's health. BUT ( big but ) Correa has had back issues in the past and had surgery while in the minors on his right leg, ( he has a hard time going thru metal detectors now. ) Personally I think the Giants woke up and said hold the phone, we just gave a man who bats .280 has never hit 30 home runs, never driven in 100, and only played 150 games once in his career. How much money ? and just pulled the contract. I have no back up on this, it's just a feeling. I'm just sensing some buyer's remorse.

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