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San Francisco Gets their Man: Carlos Correa Gets His Bag

The fist Shortstop domino fell third , Late last night after most of us went to bed Jeff Pasan of ESPN broke the news Carlos Correa was headed to the Bay signing an unprecedented deal with the Giants for 350 million dollars. It’s the most guaranteed money ever to be given to a shortstop and the fourth highest given to any position player or pitcher. Correa trails only Mike Trout ( 426.5 Million ) Mookie Betts ( 365 Million ) and Aaron Judge's new deal ( 360 Million.)

Many on the east coast had gone to bed thinking Correa was on his way to Flushing as Met’s owner Steve Cohen was about to swoop in with his giant check book and make the Puerto Rican native a Met but that didn't happen and here we are. All staring at Dansby Swanson who is the last shortstop standing.

Correa was the number one free agent in this year's class there is no denying that. Everyone knew going into the off season like Xander Bogaerts with the Red Sox, he would be opting out of his three year 105 million dollar deal with the twins to cash in. and cash in he did. Owners and GM’s alike are going to need to rethink exactly what market value is in the 2020’s. Owners have spent more than half a billion dollars so far on free agents. The kicker is they are adding in golden parachute years to everyone's deal. Paying players long after their peak seasons have passed. This is keeping annual payrolls down and luxury tax leans out of the equation.

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