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YMZ: A Promotion With Its Own Unique Blend of Comedy and Action

YMZ is a small Tokyo-based promotion that began in 2013 and is owned by Kaori Yoneyama. She has been a very successful wrestler throughout her career, holding championships including the AJW Championship, the PURE-J Openweight Championship, the JWP Openweight Championship, the High Speed Championship, and is currently co-holder of the Daily Sports Tag Team Championship.

Masaki is a member of YMZ management and has played a big part in the music and video production for YMZ.

YMZ is a promotion that often features comedy, and the comedy matches are funny, which unfortunately isn’t always the case with comedy in pro-wrestling.

YMZ doesn’t have a talent roster, so the specific wrestlers who are at each YMZ event vary from one show to the next. There are some wrestlers who are at YMZ events often, however:

Makoto: Former ICExInfinity Champion and is currently co-holder of the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship in her third reign.

Hikaru Sato: Former KO-D Openweight Champion.

Kakeru Sekiguchi: Currently co-holder of the Daily Sports Tag Team Championship with Kaori Yoneyama.

Along with the wrestlers who are at YMZ events often, there are also occasional appearances by notable talents, including:

Kengo Mashimo: A former ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Champion, with his reign being the longest in the championship’s history.

Tsubasa Kuragaki: 2-time former JWP Openweight Champion.

Haruka Umesaki: The current Princess Of Pro Wrestling Champion.

Cherry: 2-time former Triangle Ribbon Champion.

Moeka Haruhi: A former Daily Sports Tag Team Champion, with her reign being the third longest in the history of the championship.

Yuu: Current Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion in her second reign.

Daiki Shimomura: Former UWA World Trios Champion.

Yuna Mizumori: Represents Gatoh Move whenever Michinoku Pro has events at Korakuen Hall, including the most recent event in July.

YMZ often has events in Tokyo, but the promotion also has events in Kawasaki and Nagoya.

On September 28, YMZ will be hosting their annual Gokigen Autumn Festival, taking place at Shinkiba 1st RING in Tokyo with a 7:00 pm start time, where it will be YMZ vs, Marvelous. I wrote about Marvelous in 2019, and you can see it here.

Representing Marvelous on September 28 will be AAAW Champion and former Artist Of Stardom Champion Takumi Iroha, AAAW Tag Team Champion Rin Kadokura, and Leo Isaka (who has been seen in DDT, ZERO1, and WAVE). The members of YMZ’s team will be announced in the near future. However, talents who have already been scheduled to appear at this event are Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto (w/ Matsuzawa), Hikaru Sato, ASUKA (former Regina Di WAVE Champion), Kakeru Sekiguchi, and Kengo Mashimo. is the official web store of YMZ, and tickets for YMZ Gokigen Autumn Festival 2022 can be purchased here.

If you enjoy comedy-style wrestling, you should definitely check out YMZ. And if don’t enjoy comedy-style, you should check out YMZ as well, not only because not all of their matches are comedy-style, but because even if don’t enjoy comedy-style wrestling, YMZ might change your mind. The comedy style adds to the entertainment of a match when it is performed by wrestlers who can wrestle, and the talents at YMZ events definitely fit that definition.

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