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Yankees pass on Correa and Story for their future

The Yankees passed upon two top shortstops that were available this off-season. They have decided to put their faith in their two prospects. 


The Yankees were linked to Carlos Correa as they are with every top free agent. It started as a possible 10-year deal for at least $350M before the lockout and ended with a 3-year deal, $105M with opt-outs after the first two years with the Minnesota Twins.

According to SNY’s Andy Martino, the Yankees were in touch with Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, until the end. Talks about a possible four-year deal happened with the Yankees and other teams interested. It is suspected that Correa will opt out after this year given he doesn’t have an injury-filled year or an off-year. There is also a possibility that the Twins trade Correa at the deadline if they aren’t contending. The Twins pitching is still in question for their chance to contend. 

Scott Boras confirms to Joel Sherman that the Yankees were never serious players on Carlos Correa this winter — Captain Rougie (@CaptainRougie) March 22, 2022


The other top shortstop the Yankees were said to be more interested in was Trevor Story. Prior to Correa agreeing to a deal with the Twins, Story had multiple teams interested. He was willing to change positions short-term but teams like the Astros and Yankees still needed an established shortstop. Trevor ended up signing with the Red Sox for 6 years, $140M. He will play second base this year and possibly move back to shortstop if Xander Bogaerts decides to opt-out at the end of this season.

Perfect fit. — Red Sox (@RedSox) March 23, 2022


The Yankees have very high hopes on their prospects to take over shortstop for the future like their former long-term shortstop, Derek Jeter. The name of the future: Anthony Volpe. It’s pretty rare for the Yankees to bank on a prospect like this. Yankees fans are usually the ones that overhype prospects like Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar. Volpe isn’t alone in the hype ride either. Oswald Peraza is another name that is mentioned when talking about shortstop prospects.

The Yankees clearly have faith in these guys and their plan in signing Correa or Story would have involved eventually moving one of them over to third base to make room for Volpe. It makes sense why a long-term deal wasn’t in the cards for the Yankees. I know, it’s upsetting because the Yankees aren’t spending the way fans want but you also can’t expect a team to not take chances on the prospects that are showing potential either.

Covered the Yankees system for a decade now. I can’t recall a time where they’ve so clearly punted in order to keep a spot open for a prospect. They’re clearly banking on Volpe being the guy and from the moment he touches the Bronx, those expectations are going to be enormous. — Matt Kardos (@mattkardos) March 20, 2022

There is a lot of pressure on the prospects right now and although not really fair to them because prospects are never guaranteed, it is exciting to see how they will handle the Big Apple. For now, Isaiah Kiner-Falefa will be holding the position. The future of the shortstop is within the Yankees organization and fans will need to accept it.

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