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Yankees get busy but is it too little and too late?

Someplace in between his morning coffee and the heels of getting smoked 13-0 by the second-place Rays on Thursday afternoon, Yankees GM, Brian Cashman came to the realization that all these Righties can’t get it done. In the AM the Yanks announced a trade with the Texas Rangers for Lefty hitting Slugger, Joey Gallo, and left-handed pitcher, Joely Rodriguez. With the Rangers picking up all or most of the remaining money on both players,

Joey Gallo grew up a Yankees, Giants and Knicks fan. This trade is already a win simply due to his great taste in teams — Dan Federico (@DanJFederico) July 29, 2021

Afternoon Delight in New York

Late Thursday afternoon, rumors started to fly across the social media landscape that Cashman wasn’t done and in short order Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo was headed to the Boogie Down Bronx as well. Again, with the Cubs picking up all of the remaining money on Rizzo’s deal. Both moves cost the Yankees better prospects going back to the Rangers and Cubs. But will keep them under the Luxury Tax. 

The Rizzo Show continues in the Bronx. @ARizzo44 👊 — New York Yankees (@Yankees) July 30, 2021

The Yanks paid the price

The Rangers get back four for the two coming to NY: Infielders Ezequiel Duran, Josh Smith, Trevor Hauver, and right-handed pitcher Glenn Otto, while the Yankees OF Kevin Alcantara and RHP Alexander Vizcaino will be singing “Sweet Home Chicago” for the foreseeable future. 

But is it enough

On the surface, these moves look like bold moves that show the yanks are not packing it in as the calendar turns to August. True, they are just nine games back, but Gallo is batting just .190 with 6 HR over the last month, and historically, while his power numbers are still respectable, bats below the Mendoza line in September and October. Rizzo on the other hand is batting .232 over his past thirty days but his power numbers are dwindling with just 1 HR in his last 94 AB. 

"I love you guys." Anthony Rizzo has a message to @Cubs fans. Watch: — Marquee Sports Network (@WatchMarquee) July 30, 2021

The Man in the Mirror 

I had been a big proponent of bringing Rizzo to Boston over the past several weeks, but we were truly talking apples and oranges here. The Red Sox only lineup hole is first base and are. third in team batting in MLB The Yankees are sixteenth. Rizzo coming to Boston gave him an opportunity to hit with runners on and protection in the lineup. In New York, neither he nor Gallo would be more than a pair of lefty solo home run sluggers on a team of righty solo home run sluggers. 


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Featured Image via AP Photo/Paul Beaty 

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