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WTF. The Washington Commanders ? 

I’m calling dibs on becoming the Commandalorian. Speaking this into existence. #WashingtonFootball — RJ Rose  (@WashSportsRJ) February 1, 2022

That WTF wasn’t my dyslexia creeping into a headline. Eighteen months, two seasons and a 14 -19 record and you came up with the Commanders ? The Commanders ? Excuse me ( I just yawned ) Honestly I wish they had just stayed with the Washington Football Team. but we all know when an opportunity to sell more swag to the masses presents itself you have to prop bet I mean prop up that TEN BILLION DOLLAR a year business you’re a part of. God knows selling swag is  the only way the “ Commanders ” can contribute to the pot. 

LET’S GO! LET’S GO! — Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) February 2, 2022

That’s not entirely true. The Red-Team-Commanders are 1 – 4 in the postseason this century. A testament to Owner Daniel Snyder who has driven a once proud franchise and it’s fans into the ground. A team once so valued you had to be willed Season Tickets. that now is only kept from the very bottom of attendance figures by the Detroit Lions.

At least Jonathan Allen is on board.

Jonathan Allen — Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) February 2, 2022

The Snyder’s had eighteen months and this is all they accomplished ? At the very least they could have retired Darrell Green’s Number. Tip of the hat for Sean Taylor though. Sorry while I am glad to see the era of the Redskins end you could have done so much more. You could have done something really cool. Honestly to 2/3 of America you sound like a bunch of thugs from a Netflix show. 

Commanders? You were SO close to the perfect name, Washington — Jerry Thornton (@jerrythornton1) February 2, 2022

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