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Wrestling Superstar Kairi Sane Enters the Fitness Industry

For 9 years, Kairi Sane has had an amazing impact on the pro-wrestling industry. Her resume is very impressive, with the NXT Women’s Championship and World of Stardom Championship being just two of the championships that she has held.

And tomorrow, Kairi’s life enters a new stage as she enters the fitness industry and opens the doors of her new 24-hour gym in Fujisawa City, Japan-  PARA-FIT24.

For Kairi, PARA-FIT24 is her way of giving back to all of the pro-wrestling fans who supported her. Via Twitter, Kairi explained,

“Roughly ten years ago when I first debuted as a pro wrestling, my first paycheck was $450. I had another part-time job to make a living while living in a small warehouse-like apartment, dreaming of one day becoming a champion. Through living days of constant defeat and failures, I made my dream come true to become a champion in both Japan and the US.

“This was only possible because of the support I had from fans and the people around me. I’ve always wanted to show my appreciation to people in some form, and today, I am happy to announce the opening of a 24-hour fitness gym, PARA-FIT24. It is located in Shonan Ensohima Area, which is the sister city of Miami Beach City, often referred to as ‘Miami Beach of the Orient.’

“Inspired by various gyms I’ve had the privilege to go to while living in the US. I want to offer a place where people of all ages, gender, ethnicity can gather and be happy. And through my knowledge and experiences, I want to support people’s mental and physical wellness. Giving back to society is my new dream, and I am looking forward to making it come true.”


Considered by many to be one of the best pro-wrestlers in the world, it’s no secret that Kairi is qualified to be in a wrestling ring. However, she is also qualified as a sports mental trainer, body make-up instructor, and DNS official advisor. So PARA-FIT24 definitely is a fitness gym that offers a staff with credentials.


An attitude that PARA-FIT24 wants customers who use their gym to have is, “It’s fun to move”. Whether they are experienced or new to fitness gyms, PARA-FIT24 wants their experience to be enjoyable.


PARA-FIT24 has a range of equipment that satisfies the needs of all customers, ranging from the Maxtrix treadmill and trainer, to dumbbells, to the Concept 2 rower.


PARA-FIT24 has a bedrock room available for bedrock baths, which discharges toxins from the body by releasing far infrared rays. These rays promote blood circulation when the rocks are warmed.


Beginning in February, PARA-FIT24 will sell their own line of protein drinks (as well as protein bars)- “PARA-JUICE”. They will be made by DNS, a Japan-based protein product-maker. As mentioned earlier, Kairi is a DNS official advisor.


It is common for fitness gyms to have a membership cost of at least 8,000 yen per month. PARA-FIT24 however, has a membership cost of only 6,980 yen per month.


PARA-FIT24 is a one-minute walk away from Enoshima Station. There are other places of interest in this area as well, including Enoshima Island, Enoshima Aquarium, and many beaches.


With Kairi currently not having any commitments to a pro-wrestling organization, she now has the opportunity to focus on her own business endeavor. It remains to be seen if Kairi will ever return to the ring, and if she does, what organization she will wrestle for.

Kairi left Stardom on good terms, and she appears to have a good relationship with WWE as well, so they are both possibilities. And if Kairi chooses to, producing her own events is an option. Wrestler-produced events are common in Japan, with Asuka and Hikaru Shida being two of the many wrestlers who have produced their own events.

In any case, Kairi’s current priority is PARA-FIT24, and if her pro-wrestling career is any indication, Kairi’s future in the fitness industry is bright.

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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