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Why the Patriots Traded Shaq Mason 

Murph The Patriots sent their best linemen to Tampa Bay ? Why on earth would the Patriots create another hole on a roster that already looks like a billiards table ? The one place I was only marginally worried about and now it’s number one on my list … This was my twitter timeline for most of the last eighteen hours. Well I’m going to tell you 

patriots: we’re trading a 28-year-old guard playing at a top-10 level making less money than alex cappa for a 5th-round pick everyone: ah yes, of course. carry on then — Gregg Rosenthal (@greggrosenthal) March 16, 2022

Robert Kraft doesn’t want Tom Brady to be mad at him anymore …. That’s it. That’s the only reason I can think of why the New England Patriots would ship their best linemen off to Tampa for a fifth round pick. Tampa Bay, a team that lost both its guards this off season. Alex Capa took the money and went off to  Cincinnati to protect Joe Burrow, and Ali Marpet chose to retire after a short but brilliant career to go back to school. The Patriots had the Buc’s over a barrel here, And all they could come away with is fifth rounder ? Even if they didn’t see what we all saw last year, what the hell are they thinking ? More had to come back. 

Between the Van Noy release and now the Mason trade the Patriots have moved a couple of staple players to save cap room. It logically follows they are girding to do something significant. So before you light yourself on fire …. FYI — Tom E. Curran (@tomecurran) March 15, 2022

The killer 

If the Pats hadn’t lost Ted Karras I might be able to wrap my head around this move. If they had already made a move to bring in another linemen in (rumors La’el Collins coming to Foxboro from Dallas) surfaced. Or they had ANY depth at the position. I may have been able to understand it. Cap Space ? Please there were less impactful ways of manipulating the cap. 

David Andrews bids farewell to his longtime teammate Shaq Mason via his IG story. The two came into the league together back in 2015 — Mason as a 4th round pick, Andrews as a UDFA. #Patriots — Ryan Spagnoli (@Ryan_Spags) March 15, 2022

As of this morning the Patriots starting offensive line consists of 

LT Isaiah Wynn LG Michael Onwenu C David Andrews RG James Ferentz RT Justin Herron

This is what the Patriots could go into the 2022 season with to protect their still new car smelling quarterback ? If I were McCorkle Jones I would be losing his mind right now. This is not the way you build around a young QB. But hey as long as Tommy drops by for an interview and doesn’t leave Robert standing at midfield for an hour. Right 

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