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Who Could be The Red Sox Next Chief of Baseball Operations ?

The fallout from ground zero of the 2023 Red Sox season is about to hit. The educated fans of the Red Sox are walking the streets and heading to Mystic River in a daze. ( the charles is too clean. ) For the third time in the last four years the Sox will finish DEAD LAST in the American League East. the good news is Cham Bloom is Gone Baby Gone he is Departed the scene , Now the Question is who will replace him in and helm The old Town team ? who will save us from this Black Mass ? here are the top choices

Amiel Sawdaye: is the Senior Vice president and Assistant GM of Arizona Diamondbacks , that's a fancy way of saying Sawdaye is a Boss. truth of the matter Sawdaye is the director of amateur and international scouting for Arizona, Now this is the same position with a better title that he held here in Boston from 2010 to 2016. The D-backs had the third ranked minor league system in baseball before the 2023 season started. So you know he can construct a feeder system. The question is can he run a MLB club, make the big signings and truth be told i want to know how much he had to do with Mad-Bum.

Sam Fuld : Fuld is the GM in Philly the Yin to Dave Dombrowski’s Yang, an analytics guy who shockingly is also a baseball guy. Sam played parts of eight seasons in MLB before retiring and joining the Phillies as a coach under old friend Gabe Kapler. Fuld is a New England Kid born and raised in New Hampshire. He knows and understands this market and what the fans demand. A Winner. He's worked his way up and paid his dues.

Kim Ng: Kim Ng is currently the GM of the Marlins and could be the dark horse here. Her diversity of experience is unmatched by anyone I have or will mention in this column. She was named the first female GM in MLB history back in 2021. but her baseball roots run deep. She's worked in Both NY ( Yankee’s ) and LA ( Dodgers ) as assistant to the GM’s and for MLB as Senior VP of Baseball Operations. She knows talent when she sees it and can build a rotation. Ng Isn't afraid to pull the trigger on a deal and I would love to see what she can do with a big market credit card. Only drawback ? She grew up a Yankee's fan (chuckling.)

Eddie Romero: This is the move the Red Sox should have made when they hired Chaim Bloom. Is it still the right move? That’s the question. My answer is yes. Romero has his finger on the pulse of the entire franchise, is entrenched in the Latin American and Pacific rim scene and could be the perfect middle ground between Dombrowski and Bloom. Eddie worked under each of the last four heads of baseball ops here in Boston. He wears four World Series rings. If the Sox chose him it would mean the least amount of upheaval in all levels of the organization, and he’s more than qualified think he deserves his shot to run the show.

There we have it. Hit me up on Twitter @Tmurph207 or here in the comments , have I missed anyone ? Am I crazy for liking any of these fine people? Who do you think can pull this once proud franchise out of the doldrums and back to respectability.

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