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Which is it LA?

In 2020, the Dodgers won the World Series.....well kind of. It was a much shortened season with a tournament at the end. This is with many 162 games' season and post-season failures, each more enjoyable than the previous. The failure train may have taken a short stop (no pun intended) in 2020 but got right back up to speed.

I was taken back by an LA Times ED piece on, just canceling the playoffs and giving them the Championship. Is that what we're doing now? How can you publish so much garbage and charge people for a Sports section for the said playoffs? Just win a regular season is September, jump in a pile, pop champagne, and plan a parade. Terrible.

Now the hypocrisy!!

Now the 26.2 Mile Regular season is a necessity in a Championship, Dodgers fans say 2020 was the same as any other season with the Championship legit. Then to complain about a 100-meter sprint after is just pure bliss. Did they just spring the Playoffs on you like a professional wrestling angle?

Also, want to let you know LA, the Astros crushed the AL West and then swept the 2nd place team in the playoffs. They justified things. Proved a point and moved on.

You can call me a Hader (sorry hater). I'm not. I love competition and seeing it play out on the field through THE PLAYOFFS.

I can be reached @e2gfounder

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