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Where Will Ryan Tannehill Go If the Tennessee Titans Let Him Go?

The Tennessee Titans might be looking to move on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill this offseason via trade or release outright. According to spotrac, it would be an $18 million cap hit if they released him outright. Tannehill has been with this franchise for a few years and got them back on the map.

His ankle injury and his age is the reason why they are going to potentially move on from him. Which teams can use his services next season?

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders moved on from quarterback Derek Carr this offseason and just released him. Las Vegas will need a new quarterback next season. Ryan Tannehill and the Raiders could be an interesting match because he would have a lot of offensive help around him to get the job done and win football games.

New York Jets

The New York Jets could be the most perfect fit for Tannehill. All New York wants is someone who knows how to complete the football better than Zach Wilson and is also an adult at the position. Tannehill has playoff experience and the Jets want that because they haven't been there in quite some time.

Baltimore Ravens

Would there be a chance a Ryan Tannehill for Lamar Jackson swap is possible for the Tennessee Titans? Jackson will not want to play on the franchise tag and he will want a new contract and a fresh start somewhere else. Tannehill would be more than serviceable for the Ravens instead of Tyler Huntley.

Seattle Seahawks

What if the Seattle Seahawks don't want to play Geno Smith next year at quarterback and they want to go elsewhere at quarterback? Ryan Tannehill could be an upgrade despite the great year Smith had and who knows if he can replicate the same success next year as he did this past year. Seattle will want to stay competitive and they have no plans to tank anytime soon.

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