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What Are the Red Sox Doing

Someone much smarter than I once described Willie Mays glove as the place .  “Where Triples Go to Die “

I’d rather watch Jackie Bradley Jr. hit than Jarren Duran play defense. — Chad Finn (@GlobeChadFinn) August 7, 2022

Jarren Duran’s glove is where routine fly balls go to become triples. Or worse inside the park home runs. This has to end. At the end of June the Boston Red Sox had the fourth best record in the American League. They were ten games over .500 (44-33) life was good. You and I were both smiling. There was optimism for the postseason. Since then the Sox have been in freefall (54-56) and now sit 5 games back in the wildcard hunt.

There are plenty of moves that Chaim Bloom has made since that we can rip apart-rip to shreds. But the one glaring move, the one that smacks us in the face every single day is . Why Is Jarren Duran here ? Why was Jackie Bradley Jr. cut from this team to keep an almost 26 year old “prospect” on this roster. Why ? I’m sorry but at almost 26 is Jarren Duran even a prospect anymore ? 

Jarren Duran gonna get power-wedgied by the entire Red Sox pitching staff. — Red (@SurvivingGrady) August 7, 2022

On Sunday as Boston was losing its third of four Jarren was doing what he seems to do best muff fly balls , first in the blinding sun that his glasses once again didn’t seem to help him with. But just as egregiously a fly with air enough under it to right center he short armed and couldn’t reel in. that’s a ball any average high school center fielder brings in. at this point with every fly ball hit to him he looks more and more lost. the Hard truth Mrs. Duran your son simply can not track a fly ball.

Jarren Duran is having an interesting 7th inning Misplayed a ball, couldn't secure a fly ball, makes a diving catch and argues with some fans — Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) August 7, 2022

I tweeted out last night that Bloom has exposed Duran as a AAAA player . And Duran has exposed himself as too immature to be here.

Jarren Duran has serious attitude problems. — Mr Matthew CFB (@MrMatthewCFB) August 7, 2022

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