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Welcome To Cooperstown David Ortiz 

It would be hard to find a ballplayer more beloved here in New England than David Ortiz. My mothers generation had Ted Williams. My generation ? The Gen X’ers had YAZ. For Some reason the Millennials have held onto Nomar. My son’s Generation grew up loving Big Papi. and that love spread back in time like nothing I’ve seen before or maybe ever will again. Today that man enters sports’ most hallowed hall. 

Cooperstown is calling! — Red Sox (@RedSox) January 25, 2022

I could sit here and wax poetic 

In fact, let’s do that. The first time I saw David Ortiz he was barely David Ortiz. It was 1997 and Ortiz had just changed his name from David Arias to David Ortiz. He was playing with the New Britain Rock Cats. Sharing a lineup with more heralded prospects like Torii Hunter – Corey Koskie and Doug Mientkiewitz. By 1998 I was still watching the later three in Hard Hittin New Britain. Ortiz was gone. Gone to Minnesota. Playing first base for the Twins. Thank god that didn’t last. After four injury plagued seasons the Twins parted ways with Ortiz. Releasing him in 2002. 

Pedro – Pedro – Pedro 

When Pedro Martinez heard his countrymen had been cut loose by the Twins he went to the front office and told Larry Lucchino he needed to bring this man in. Back in those days the front office listened to their best players. I’m thankful to this day as all of Red Sox Nation is that Larry took his Ace’s words to heart and did. And Ortiz never forgot. 

“ Pedro is Like a Father To Me , He took me to the Red Sox when i had no Job “

Big Papi went yard 483 times over his sixteen seasons in Boston. He kicked the curse of the Bambino to the curb and beat it down like Sonny Corleone did Carlo in the Godfather. Leading his team to three world series titles. Along that way he became embedded in the lexicon of New England. In my 50 plus years on this planet I have never seen a more clutch hitter in my life than David Ortiz. And that Clutch Gene showed up in the biggest moments in not only Red Sox but MLB playoff history. .289 / 17 / 61 in 85 post season games. 

Today David Enters the Hall of Fame. As the only player elected from the Ballot. I leave you with the greatest moment in his Hall of Fame career . 

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