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We Have Baseball

For the past 99 days every baseball loving American, North, South and Central begged, pleaded and prayed the MLB lockout would end. Finally those prayers were heard. And now WE the people have a new collectively bargained agreement  with major league baseball and it’s players. We had no say in this. After all, it’s only America’s pastime. Here’s what you got America. 

Let the fun begin! — MLB (@MLB) March 11, 2022

The Dirty Lowdown

  1. The minimum major-league salary will rise from $570,500 in 2021 to $700,000 this season, and escalate to $780,000 by the end of the deal.

  2. A $50 million bonus pool will be distributed annually to the most productive players who haven’t reached arbitration.

  3. A draft lottery —  you know, like the NBA. ( Someone pick my eyes up off the floor ) the top six picks will be instituted as part of an effort to discourage tanking. ( this wont work ) 

  4. Teams will be eligible for draft pick incentives if they promote top prospects for opening day. And rookies who finish in the top two in Rookie of the Year voting will be credited with a full year of service, regardless of days on the roster.

  5. The luxury tax threshold, $210 million in 2021, will start at $230 million this season and grow to $244 million by the end of the CBA. Penalties for the first threshold and subsequent two surcharge levels remain the same as the outgoing CBA. A fourth threshold was added at $60 million above the initial threshold, with higher penalties.’

  6. Playoffs. Twelve Teams make the dance. The top two division winners in each league receive first-round byes, while the worst division winner and the three Wild Card teams per league will play three-game sets to advance to the Division Series. The worst division winner will face the final Wild Card qualifier, while the top two Wild Card clubs will take on one another. With no Ghost Win ( thank Christ ). But i will miss the one game wildcard play in. it was one of the most exciting days in baseball.  Also welcome to tiebreakers! #Painful 

If I’m the #RedSox, I’m checking in on J.D. Martinez’s market with the hopes of bringing Kyle Schwarber back. Fills the DH role moving forward, adds another needed OBP machine, and give you a little help at 1B until Casas arrives.#DirtyWater | #MLB — Tyler Milliken ⚾️ (@tylermilliken_) March 11, 2022

Hold this Shaft Will You ?

As for anything that makes the game better for you ? Well the DH will now be in both leagues. ( What side of That decision are you on ). And Double Headers are back to Nine innings with no runners on second base in extras. But banning shifts is something to be discussed later as is larger bases. Beer you can afford has been tabled until 2053. In the end, the players dropped their requests related to free agency, arbitration and revenue sharing. All tabbed as “nonstarters” by the league — turning their attention instead to maximizing the dollar figures in other areas. And they got a lot of what they wanted. We got Baseball Back . 

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