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We can stop looking for Stephon Gilmore 

Today marks the end of Mandatory Gilmore watch: Thank Christ. Or whomever you choose to thank, Pete Rozel – The Ghost of Christmas Past or Tome Curran’s dog Bo. I truly don’t care. Just be thankful. Mandatory minicamp closes today in Foxboro and we will no longer have to deal with the 300 tweets that come across our Twitter timeline EVERY HOUR wondering what’s going on with Stephon Gilmore. We won’t have to try to read micro-expressions on Bill Belichick’s expressionless face and you won’t have to hear me Tweet.

Devin McCourty on Stephon Gilmore not showing up to Patriots mandatory minicamp: "I've been talking to him. He's still a part of this team." — Guy Boston Sports (@GuyBostonSports) June 16, 2021

I told you this would happen a year ago

Because I did, and so did a lot of other people who rightfully hoped this contract situation would iron itself out before we arrived at this portion of the NFL calendar year. But knew deep down it wouldn’t. Why? Urgency, there was none. When Gilmore got his $4.5 Million dollar pay bump from this season into last season’s contract to get him to come play ball. Those in the know knew this would be the case going into 2021. And until camp opens in late July there would be no real reason to get the deal done. 

Right now Gilmore is looking at $93,085 in fines, that’s a drop in the bucket for a man earning $7 million dollars and a shrewd investment for a man looking to possibly double that number. In what could be his final NFL contract. 

The Moral of this story is. Don’t get so worked up. Things will happen when they happen. It could be Bill is waiting for more cap space to open up after these sessions close today. Or he could be waiting for Nike to sign off on all of this. Just don’t read too much into all the nonsense, stop looking at writers tossing out “Who could trade for ” columns.

Stop checking Zillow for Stephon’s house to go back on the market.

Or who may be recruiting him to wherever.

Yo @BumpNrunGilm0re what’s good my dawg? — Jalen Ramsey (@jalenramsey) June 14, 2021

Before week one Gilmore will be back on a football field and in a Patriots uniform. Remember you heard it here first. Go focus on the important things. Like Gardener Minshew’s woe-begotten Mullett. 

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