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Way too early season predictions – 2021 Buffalo Bills

With organized team activities starting in the NFL, early predictions are a guarantee. It is no different here at E2G Sports! Welcome to a way-too-early season prediction for the upcoming season for the Buffalo Bills. Having been a producer at WGR550 for Howard Picks the Bills, it’s time to take a stab at it personally.

This will be updated after the preseason.

IT’S HERE. 📺: NFLN at 8pm — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) May 12, 2021

These predictions are in the bubble of a perfect world. Injuries happen, new stars emerge, the weather sometimes stinks and COVID is still a thing. These predictions are not meant to be a cold take opportunity, but an early outlook on the year to come. That said, feel free to flash this around when it’s accurate or blame this piece if they fall short.

Week One: Home vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (W)  

The Bills have won their past two against Pittsburgh, with one win in each location. The Steelers are a fading group, depicted by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Buffalo’s defense has shown to be capable of slowing the Steelers down. Pittsburgh’s defense is formidable, but Buffalo has the firepower to overcome that.

Fewest points allowed in #NFL — last 3 seasons 1. #Ravens — 872 (18.2 PPG) 2. #Patriots — 903 (18.8 PPG) 3. #Bears — 951 (19.8 PPG) 4. #Steelers — 975 (20.3 PPG) 5. #Bills — 1,008 (21.0 PPG) — Jeff Kerr (@JeffKerrCBS) May 21, 2021

The Bills should win here, even if the Steelers prove to be a challenge.

Week Two: Away at Miami Dolphins (W) 

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa does not put a scare into Bills fans. While the 2020 version of this game was a back-and-forth spectacle, that was former Dolphin Ryan Fitzpatrick’s doing. Meanwhile, Buffalo’s Josh Allen has a scary-good reputation against the Dolphins.

The AFC East QBs: Buffalo – Josh Allen Miami – Tua Tagovailoa Patriots – Mac Jones Jets – Zach Wilson An infusion of young passers in the Division. — Joe Marino (@TheJoeMarino) April 30, 2021

Miami is stronger and put weapons around Tagovailoa, now can he trade touchdowns with Allen? Buffalo should come out on top but expect a potential split with Miami. Sweeping a division in two straight years is difficult and Miami is Buffalo’s only real threat in the AFC East.

Week Three: Home vs. Washington Football Team (W) 

The Washington Football Team is a tough defensive group. They may be the most unpredictable of the NFC East’s teams because of one man: Ryan Fitzpatrick. From week to week, there is no player more inconsistent than Fitzmagic. Bills fans know him well, where he can kill your team or an opponent all day. If Fitzpatrick is on, Washington’s insane pass rush can help stem the tide of Allen and the offense. Buffalo is the better offense and overall team, this should be a Bills win.

Week Four: Home vs. Houston Texans (W) 

Two years ago, Buffalo lost to Houston in the playoffs and the two teams have veered in different directions since. Buffalo is now among the NFL’s elite, while Houston has come crashing down. Not much is known about the case against Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson these days. While no one knows his status, Watson is still talented and Bill O’Brien is no longer the coach. That said, Houston is a mess of a team and has a lot of holes to fix. Two years ago, they stopped Allen. Now, they have no shot.

Week Five: Away at Kansas City Chiefs (L) 

Last year, the Chiefs beat Buffalo twice and each win had a different style. In the regular season, Buffalo got gashed by Kansas City in the running game. In the AFC Championship, it was the aerial assault of Patrick Mahomes and company. The only common denominator was that Buffalo’s offense was stymied by the Chiefs for two of their worst performances of the year. Allen was undoubtedly at his worst against the Chiefs. He and the rest of the offense need to step up in order to have a chance. Sadly, the first “L” shows up here in the predictions.

Week Six: Away at Tennessee Titans (W)  

The Titans are an odd team. In a passing league, they have an emphasis on power football, as if it was the 1980’s. And yet, it works. Titans running back Derrick Henry is the star in Tennessee, as teams have a hard time slowing him down.

Derrick Henry LIFTS MORE THAN YOU DO 🤯 @KingHenry_2 (via @SandersFit) — Overtime (@overtime) May 19, 2021

In last year’s match, a blowout for Tennessee, turnovers were Buffalo’s issue. The blueprint this time is easy, take care of the ball, and you won’t be trailing by 14 right away. Buffalo can beat Tennessee, expect them to here.

Week Seven: Bye Week  

In the past, people could insert the “at least they won’t lose this week” joke. Now? Take the bye week to rest up, call your friends and family. Restock on tables to smash through and practice those wrestling moves you’ll use. Practice makes perfect, do your 1/11th, Bills Mafia.

Week Eight: Home vs. Miami Dolphins (L)  

The Bills play Miami twice before even seeing the other two rivals. Buffalo likely splits with Miami in some way this season. Miami’s defense has to be able to slow down Allen somehow, right?

Week Nine: Away at Jacksonville Jaguars (W)  

The Jaguars are still dreadful. One man cannot raise a one-win team to relevance that quickly. Rookie passer Trevor Lawrence will be a long-term problem, but Jacksonville completely dissected the defense that had them one quarter from a Super Bowl several years ago. Buffalo’s offense should roll here.

Week Ten: Away at New York Jets (W) 

New York gave up on Sam Darnold, drafting rookie quarterback Zach Wilson second overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Buffalo, meanwhile, still has Allen to terrorize the Jets.

While new head coach Robert Saleh is a defensive guru, the talent gap is still too wide. Buffalo should sweep New York once again this year.

Week El