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Watson wants out of Houston

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By @E2GSports @E2GBuddy 

The worst kept secret in the NFL is Deshaun Watson wanting out of Texas.  The relationship with owner Cal McNair and Mr life coach (Hope I don’t get sued for slander) Jack Easterby has soured.  The story according to Watson is he was to have input on who was coming into the organization not just to run it but who’d be coaching.  After a couple of years of playing “I like you” with the Patriots Nick Casserio, they finally brought him to continue the Patriots south tradition.  Houston Texan legend Andre Johnson came out and bashed the 3.1 million dollar character coach then showed up in a picture with Watson.  Johnson just set the table for the last piece of the “ I officially want out” puzzle.  The Texans hired David Culley as the new and first African-American head coach of the franchise.  This morning the official request for a trade came out.

The Texans have butchered pretty much everything in the last few years.  Clowney, the top overall pick of the 2014 draft was traded for a collection of special teams players. Nuke Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals after a speal from the head coach on baby mama’s from then coach Bill O’Brien via the 3.1 million dollar character coach who has everyone’s ear. The worst of the moves with the franchise and shot heard around the league was the firing of highly regarded Vice President of communications Amy Palcic, saying she wasn’t a “cultural fit”. Palcic was at the right hand of J.J Watt as he made rebuilding Houston after Hurricane 

Harvey ravaged the city.  

Who are the teams to watch in the sweepstakes.  The price will be hefty as Watson starts a new contract and is playing on a 10.540 million dollar cap hit in 2021 before the numbers jump.  The Texans are going to want to recoup talent and some of the lost cap they’ll be dealing with after a trade.  So who are the players??

  1. New York Jets The Jets traded disgruntled Safety Jamal Adams last season for 2 first round picks before the 2020 season. The Jets have the following picks early on in the 2021 draft.  #2, #23, #34, #66 and #87. Robert Saleh is the head coach of the Jets and it appears to be a marriage that Watson would like.  The Jets also have 2 first round picks 2022, QB Sam Darnold or DL Quinnen Williams who could replace J.J Watt. The Texans who don’t have a first or second round pick at the time of this article could rebuild the cupboard.

  2. Miami Dolphins Would this be interesting?  The Dolphins drafted Tua at #5 last season and have the Texans first and second round picks in the 2021 draft already. The Dolphins have #3, #18, #36, #50 and #82 in the first three rounds.  The Dolphins could also flip Tua in the trade.  Another name that was on the block last year despite his high number of picks is Xavien Howard, who has a 12.075 base salary in 2021.  He fills a need.

  3. San Francisco 49ers This gets him out of the conference.  San Francisco was ravaged by injuries and has a great collection of talent on the roster. Personally, I think they’re going to acquire Aaron Rodgers this offseason. The 49ers have #12 and #43 overall without a 3rd round pick that went to Washington for Trent Williams.  Fred Warner is a LB who could excel in Houston and comes with a 982k base salary.

  4. Chicago Bears The chance to right a wrong but at a cost.  The Bears chose Mitchell Trubisky after a trade up at #2 overall in the Mahomes/Watson draft.  The Bears have #20, #52 and #84 overall along with a young LB in Roquan Smith.

  5. Carolina Panthers The Panthers are kind of a dark horse in the whole situation.  They have Teddy Bridgewater but could be looking to go young with a draft pick to develop or go big and bring in a franchise guy. The Panthers have #8, #39 and #73 overall in this draft along with a pass rusher who would be the Texans best right away in Brian Burns.  Keep and eye on the Panthers.

I’m going to go with the Jets.  While writing this I heard that Watson and Saleh really want to join forces in NY.  Watson could also be extremely marketable in the Big Apple with endorsements to fill his pockets.  My prediction is the Jets trade Sam Darnold separately to the Denver Broncos for a #2 pick. That pick would help put some talent around the new signal caller.  The Jets trade #2, #23, #34 and one of the Jets first in 2022 for Watson.  The Texans draft Zach Wilson and he becomes the new franchise QB.  Let’s see how this plays out and if the Texans get themselves out of the limelight they’ve been dwelling in for a few years. 


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