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VivaLive TV and KnokX Pro Entertainment Present Fight Night Channel

A new wrestling channel has made its debut on the Internet this month, and it’s Fight Night Channel 8 on VivaLive TV, which features three shows every Tuesday night starting at 8 p.m.: “Rikishi Driver Talk Show”, “Powerbomb Lucha Libre”, and, “F’N Warriors Pro Women’s Wrestling”.

“We are excited to bring these events to the Fight Night Channel 8 on VivaLive TV,” said Raymond “Rayrok” Santiago, CEO of Fight Night Channel 8. “We have promised our audience the best content and will continue to deliver.”

VivaLive TV CEO Johnny Falcone agrees. “Rayrok’s consistency is second to none.” he said “We will do everything in our power in order to grow these great events to the highest level possible. Our commitment to our audience by showing the best live entertainment possible and increasing our bottom line.”

VivaLive TV

With a WiFi connection, streamers can access VivaLive TV from around the world, to watch TV shows as well as movies on demand and many other interactive features. Independent and major film studios, television networks, telecoms, cable companies, and emerging ISPs partner with VivaLive TV for enhanced capabilities in multi-platform video distribution. The free app for VivaLive TV can be found on Google Play and in the App Store.

KnokX Pro Entertainment

The California-based KnokX Pro Entertainment has events that feature lucha libre & women’s wrestling action with a roster that includes WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Black Pearl, EyeZ In Disguise, El Presidente, Maverick, Otto Von Clutch, Jezette Marie, and Vincenzo Iosefa Parisi.

Rikishi Driver Talk Show

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi talks wrestling, memories, and everyday life, as well as conducts interviews.

Powerbomb Lucha Libre

Powerbomb Lucha Libre events feature legends of lucha libre, members of the Legendary Samoan Dynasty family, members of the KnokX Pro Entertainment roster, and independent talent.

F’N Warriors Pro Women’s Wrestling

Women’s wrestling action presented by KnokX Pro Entertainment.

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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