Update on The Great Sasuke’s Corona Recovery

Pro-wrestling legend The Great Sasuke can usually be seen in the ring on a regular basis, especially for Michinoku Pro Wrestling, but his routine quickly changed after he tested positive for the coronavirus on January 8th. Sasuke was immediately hospitalized and he had to pull out of his dates that were scheduled for this month.

“My symptoms are severe headaches, repeated fever and sputum that springs up all the time.”, The Great Sasuke stated during his bout with the Omicron strain of corona. Sasuke also lost 22 pounds. He suspects that he caught Omicron during a post-show dinner while he was not wearing a protective mask.

Getting back in the ring

The Great Sasuke was discharged from the hospital about a week after being hospitalized and he is preparing to resume his work in the ring. His first appearance will be at the February 12th OSU PREMIUM event, along with other legends such as former AJW Champions Jaguar Yokota, Dump Matsumoto, and Takako Inoue, and former UWA World Women’s Champion Shinobu Kandori.

After that, The Great Sasuke will return to the Michinoku Pro Wrestling Dojo to participate in two Dojo Wrestling events, scheduled for February 19th and February 20th. Michinoku Pro hosts Dojo Wrestling events regularly, some of them streamed live and named, “Michinoku Pro Wrestling LIVE“.

Japan today during the COVID pandemic

Although there are many more COVID cases in other countries, the pandemic continues to be taken very seriously in Japan as the number of cases rises around the world. This week, the Japanese government declared a quasi-state of emergency for many prefectures (districts) across the country. On January 25th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government stated there was a record 12,813 new cases of the coronavirus.

In Iwate Prefecture, however, where Michinoku Pro Wrestling is based, the situation is not as dire. According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Tokyo’s cumulative number of cases at this time of writing is 471,650. Meanwhile, Iwate’s cumulative number of cases is 3,861. Iwate was not included in the Japanese government’s quasi-state of emergency declaration. However, the prefecture has announced a State of Emergency of its own.

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