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A Complete Preview Of The Upcoming NBA Season

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

With the upcoming NBA season on the way, it is just about the perfect time to preview the upcoming season and make all the required predictions. Here is a summary of what to anticipate from all sides.

Golden State Warriors: 59 VICTORIES, 23 L

The Warriors' narrative continues! Stephen Curry aspires to add a fifth championship ring to his collection this season as Golden State establishes itself as one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the NBA.

Atlanta Hawks: 45 VICTORIES, 37 L

Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, two of Atlanta's most promising young guards, were signed in the summer. The Hawks should be able to clinch a play-in tournament place if they

can split the backcourt.

Brooklyn Nets: 49 VICTORIES, 33 L

The idea that anything less than a championship equals a complete failure is now accurate due to the Net's stars on thin ice and a historically injury-prone team.

Chicago Bulls: 43 VICTORIES, 39 L

The health of this team's point guard, Lonzo Ball, has been an issue. Chicago is a powerhouse when Ball is on the court to support the reliable scorers DeMar DeRozan and Zach Lavine, but Bulls supporters should brace themselves for an ordinary season if Ball is out.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 50 VICTORIES, 32 L

Jarrett Allen, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and now Donovan Mitchell? With this roster, the Cavaliers have the makings of a superteam and will contend for the championship for many seasons.

Boston Celtics: 54 VICTORIES, 28 L

Last year, Stephen Curry closed the door during the championship game just as the Celtics were about halfway through. Retaliation may be theirs now that guard Malcolm Brogdon has been added to the roster of well-known names. How will be Celtics deal with their leader, Coach Ime Udoka being suspended for the season is still to be seen.

Dallas Mavericks: 47 VICTORIES, 35 L

This year's question is, "How much can Luka Doncic do?" Not enough is the response. The Mavericks no longer have the supporting cast of a normal winner, even though Luka is a top MVP candidate.

Denver Nuggets: 49 VICTORIES, 33 L

With injured talents Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. joining reigning MVP Nikola Jokic, the Mile-High City has high expectations. Jokic is growing in stature as an all-time great, and greatness brings success in the regular season. However, after being eliminated early from the playoffs the previous year, he must demonstrate his dominance in the postseason.

Los Angeles Clippers: 52 VICTORIES, 30 L

The Clippers have been a "what if?" club for many years. With superstars like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, they have more than enough skill, but they haven't reached their full potential to compete for championships. With the addition of John Wall, this may be their year if they have a totally healthy team.

Los Angeles Lakers: 42 VICTORIES, 40 L

How much longer can LeBron James' age defy? LeBron cannot carry the team as he has done for so many years. His superstar wingman Anthony Davis will have to carry the load for the Lakers' chances of going far in the playoffs. If Davis can stay healthy is the problem.

Memphis Grizzlies: 50 VICTORIES, 32 L

Even without the Grizzlies, Ja Morant's thunderous dunks are worth the price of admission. If Memphis wins the Western Conference after the season, I wouldn't be shocked.

Miami Heat: 49 VICTORIES, 33 L

The Heat have come close but ultimately haven't been able to win the championship since reaching the finals two years ago. Miami has a shot, even though the Eastern Conference has a lot of skill.

Milwaukee Bucks: 53 W 29, L

Although the squad that won it all two years ago hasn't changed much, the Giannis Antetokounmpo show goes on, and they are still just as capable and competitive.

Minnesota Timberwolves: 48 VICTORIES, 34 L

Anthony Edwards' aggression, Karl-Anthony Towns' shooting, D'Angelo Russell's distributing, and now Rudy Gobert's defense? In the playoffs, Minnesota should be avoided.

Philadelphia 76ers: 50 VICTORIES, 32 L

The Sixers anticipate a solid basketball season with little outside noise after last year's drama-filled soap opera during which the management had an Alamo-like standoff with Ben Simmons.

Phoenix Suns: 54 VICTORIES, 28 L

With a 115-39 record over the last two seasons, the Suns are unbeatable in the regular season. A championship victory may be on the horizon if that performance continues into the postseason.

Toronto Raptors: 44 VICTORIES, 38 L

Toronto has reached a plateau after winning the title in 2019. Scottie Barnes, a sophomore, is expected to make significant personal strides, but they just do not have room at the top of the East.

New Orleans Pelicans: 49 Victories, 33 Losses

The Pelicans are my surprise team of the NBA this season. Zions Williamson is the reason why. The human bowling ball looks to be in great shape, and with Brandon Ingram and the addition of CJ McCollum, the Pelicans have three legit scorers who can cause havoc for defenses.

Rest of the Teams and Odds:

Portland Trail Blazers: 38 VICTORIES, 44 LOSSES

Oklahoma City Thunder: 25 VICTORIES, 57 LOSSES

Houston Rockets: 22 VICTORIES, 60 LOSSES

Indiana Pacers: 25 VICTORIES, 57 LOSSES

Charlotte Hornets: 36 VICTORIES, 46 LOSSES

Detroit Pistons: 31 VICTORIES, 51 LOSSES

Orlando Magic: 24 VICTORIES, 58 LOSSES

Sacramento Kings: 30 VICTORIES, 52 LOSSES

San Antonio Spurs: 22 VICTORIES, 60 LOSSES

Utah Jazz: 24 VICTORIES, 58 LOSSES

Washington Wizards: 34 VICTORIES, 48 LOSSES

New York Knicks: 39 VICTORIES, 43 LOSSES


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