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UFC Star Ashley Yoder Joins the Compex Athlete Roster

Recovery system provider Compex has signed a multi-year agreement with UFC star Ashley Yoder. Compex produces products that increase strength, relieve pain, and enable fast recovery, and Yoder will promote their products and make special appearances.

“We are thrilled that Ashley is partnering with us in representing the brand,” said Michael Mechling, U.S. Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager at Compex. “She’s been a fighter her entire life and has established herself as one of the top females of the game. We are proud to play a part in her performance and recovery.”

A member of UFC’s Strawweight division, Ashley Yoder has been an MMA fighter for 14 years and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“Compex has the best recovery system in the game. For me, it has been most helpful in my recovery.” said Ashley Yoder. “I love to use Compex after a long workout for my sore muscles, but lately, I have been adding it into my workouts for resistant training as well. The benefits I’ve experienced are mind-blowing. I’m proud to call myself a Compex athlete.”

Ashley Yoder uses all Compex products including its Muscle Stimulators, Compex Electrodes and Accessories, TENs Units, TENs Wraps, Massage Guns, Massage Rollers, and other Compex recovery tools. The products have fulfilled a fundamental role in Yoder’s recovery from a shoulder injury.

Compex develops sports performance and fitness technologies through adaptive and dynamic products that allow athletes to amplify their sport. Compex is passionately dedicated to ushering in innovations that enable athletes to increase strength, relieve pain and recover faster. A brand of the DJO Group, a global company that develops and manufactures a wide range of surgical reconstructive implant products, Compex has 30 years of expertise in physiotherapy, pain treatment, and sports training. Compex’ mission is to help athletes of all levels perform better, train stronger and recover faster by using smart, connected, and adaptive technologies and solutions.

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