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UCONN Beats Butler, Kevin Ollie Beats UCONN 

STORRS, CT — The Kevin Ollie arbitration case is over. Thursday an independent arbitrator ruled that the University of Connecticut improperly fired the former men’s basketball coach. The ruling comes with a requirement that the university pay him more than $11 million. 

Kevin Ollie when that $11M hits — Big East Bets (@BigEastBets) January 20, 2022

Ollie’s representatives called the ruling “justified.”  who was fired in the spring of 2018 after UConn reported several minor NCAA violations in the men’s basketball program. Legendary Hall of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun hand picked  Ollie as his successor. The Huskies were 127-79 in his six seasons in Storrs. UCONN won it’s 4th NCAA men’s Basketball title under Ollie.

UConn officials said the ruling suggested that coaches can abide by their own standards and not those of the NCAA. 

One of the conclusions was that UConn should have waited until an NCAA ruling was issued  before firing Ollie. The violations led to UConn being placed on two years’ worth of NCAA probation. The violations took place between 2013 and 2088 and Ollie was also reprimanded.

UConn officials implied it would have been unethical to retain a coach knowing sanctions were imminent.

The exact amount owed to Ollie is $11,157,032.95, according to the ruling.

Good for Kevin Ollie. Schools that sign these contracts should put their money where their mouth is. — Ben Baby (@Ben_Baby) January 20, 2022

Here is UConn’s reaction to the ruling:

“UConn vigorously disagrees with the decision of the arbitrator and maintains without reservation that the decision to terminate Kevin Ollie when it did was the correct and appropriate decision.

“Indeed, in his decision, the arbitrator agrees that the NCAA’s ruling that Ollie engaged in serious NCAA violations gave UConn sufficient basis to terminate Ollie for just cause. However, the arbitrator concluded that UConn should have waited the 16 months it took for the NCAA proceedings to conclude before terminating Ollie.

“As an NCAA member institution, UConn did not have the luxury of waiting more than a year before terminating Ollie for the misconduct the university was aware he had engaged in. UConn could not continue to employ a head coach with the knowledge that he had violated NCAA rules that put student athletes, as well as the entire UConn athletics program, in jeopardy.

These Idiots just can’t shut up

“UConn is disappointed that the arbitrator concluded that the standard of just cause set forth in Ollie’s individual employment agreement was superseded by the definition in the collective bargaining agreement. Yet this same employment agreement forms the basis of the salary awarded.

“The arbitrator’s decision is nonsensical and seriously impedes the University’s ability to manage its athletics program. It also sends a signal to other coaches in Connecticut that they may ignore NCAA rules with impunity and continue to be employed and paid.

“It is also inconsistent that the coaches are entitled to the benefits of the employment contracts negotiated between the University and its coaches, but cannot be held to the ethical and behavioral standards contained in those same agreements.” 

What a load

On a good note for the School. UCONN beat Butler 75-56

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