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Trey Lance Out For Season For San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance was set to take the San Francisco 49ers to another level this season. However, he broke his ankle in the first quarter for San Francisco in a 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Lance was carted off the field and he will require season-ending ankle surgery.

Trey Lance was in an air cast when carted off the field and there will be so many questions about him moving forward though. Lance completed 2-of-3 passes for 30 yards. He also rushed for 13 yards on three carries. Trey Lance was injured on a running play and not a passing play.

A lot of San Francisco 49ers fans on Twitter were blaming head coach Kyle Shanahan for Lance’s injury due to coaching malpractice. They felt like they were running with him too much. San Francisco has to figure out after this season what to do at the quarterback position once again.

General manager John Lynch gave up all of those first-round picks a couple of years to draft him. It feels like a total waste. The question is, who is to blame for this? You can blame both parties for this. There was a reason why Jimmy Garoppolo was brought back after all.

This is the final year of his contract. Garoppolo completed 13-of-21 passes for 154 yards and one touchdown. He also rushed for five yards on four carries and a score as well in this football game. A lot of people believe they are better off with Jimmy Garoppolo than Trey Lance for the short-term. The long term is going to be a major question mark for the San Francisco 49ers.

Trey Lance will be entering his third season next year of his rookie contract. Will San Francisco want to move on from him before his career can even take off or will they try it for one more year? The class of 2023 and the class of 2024 quarterbacks feel absolutely loaded in the NFL Draft. It would be interesting to see what they would do.

The San Francisco 49ers (1-1) next game will be on the road against the Denver Broncos (1-1) on Sunday night 9/25.

The Seattle Seahawks (1-1) next game will be at home against the Atlanta Falcons (0-2) on Sunday 9/25.

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