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Trevor Story Goes Under the Knife: More Fuel for Red Sox Bonfire

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Sometime around 3;30 eastern time I almost drove off the Arrigoni bridge that spans the CT river. Why do you ask? Well I heard on the radio that your mine and Red Sox Nations next nightmare had come to fruition. Trevor story has undergone almost - possibly - get out the rosery to keep it from being.... season ending surgery. Before the season has even begun. We all knew well if you didn't know I told you the day Trevor Story was signed that Xander Bogaerts was gone. The plan always was Story at Short. Well what's your plan now Mr. Bloom ?

Story underwent what's called an enternal bracing procedure on his right ulnar collateral ligament.. It's a less drastic approach than Tommy John. this bracing can get the player back in six to eight months as opposed to the more than a year off with TJ.

“We’re not ready to put a timetable on it yet,” chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom said during a press conference on Zoom. “I certainly would not rule out a return sometime during 2023, but it’s also not something at this stage that we want to bank on. It will take how long it takes. We want to make sure he’s 100%. But certainly with this being an internal brace procedure and not Tommy John, it does leave the door open for a return this season.”

Why Not in August ? why not in October Chaim ? Why are we here Now ? I'm not buying your flare up Story.

A return this year ? Yea not happening I'm telling you all. You can Bank on Trevor Story not playing baseball this year. In my opinion it’s not in his makeup, it’s not in his DNA to push and drive and grind his way back. He will sit back and rehab in the manner he has since his arrival here. As we saw last year with Trevor: Slow and Steady loses the AL East race. In the end, as I said a long time ago, This was a huge mistake. The Red Sox have a mental defect: they spend money poorly. You and I are flipping the bill on poor deals like Story’s and will keep paying as it's wasted capital that should have been spent on players like Mookie and Xander. With today's announcement 40 million to date on Trevor and his bad elbow. I'll have more tomorrow on where the Sox will have to go now that we are pausing this Story.

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