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Top Ten Edge rushers in the 2023 NFL draft

Hey, some of you may know me as a co-host of the Night Shift.

Today I'm bringing you my top ten Edge rushers in the 2023 NFL draft 

This year's edge rushers class may not be as deep as years past still as some quality players throughout it's top ten.

Will this be the order that players will be drafted probably not but this is a fun experience for me comments below if you wanna see more of these before the draft.

  1. Will Anderson Alabama (Jr) 6'4 253

  2. Myles Murphy Clemson (Jr) 6'5 258

  3. Tyree wilson Texas Tech (Sr) 6'6 271

  4. Nolan Smith Georgia (Sr) 6'2 238

  5. Will McDonald Iowa state (RSR) 6'3 239

  6. Lukas Van Ness Iowa (Jr) 6'5 272

  7. Adetomiwa Adebawore Northwestern (Sr) 6'2 282

  8. Isaiah Foskey Norte Dame (SR) 6'5 274

  9. Keion White Georgia tech (RSR) 6'5 285

  10. Derrick Hall Auburn (SR) 6'3 254

Honorable mention

 Andre Carter Army (SR) 6'6 256

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