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Top 20 RB Scouting Reports

1.Player: Breece Hall

School: Iowa State

Ht, WT: 6’1″, 220lbs

40: 4.39

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 1/4

Hand Size: 9 3/4

Strengths: Breece Hall is a touchdown machine and has the game-breaking ability. He had five rushing touchdowns over 75 yards in his collegiate career. Hall has the ability to make second defenders miss him in the open field.

Weaknesses: He can not be a three-down running back in the NFL. Hall sometimes runs like he paces himself. He needs to get faster for the NFL level.

Comp: Matt Forte

2. Player: Kenneth Walker III

School: Michigan State

Ht, WT: 5’9″, 211 lbs

40: 4.38

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 3/8

Hand Size: 9 1/2

Strengths: Walker III is able to create positive gains on runs when there is nothing available. He keeps his feet moving which is positive in the backfield. Kenneth Walker III will have YAC in the pros.

Weaknesses: He can not block well in blitz situations or passing down situations in general. Walker III sometimes can also dance too much in the backfield and struggles to hit the hole when available.

Comp: Willie Parker

3. Isaiah Spiller

School: Texas A & M

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 217 lbs

40: DNP

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 3/4

Hand Size: 8 5/8

Strengths: Isaiah Spiller is very good at the second and third levels. He knows how to read offensive line blocks. Spiller has great foot quickness.

Weaknesses: Was not as good of a running back in 2021 compared to 2020. He needs to protect the football better.

Comp: Rashaad Penny.

4. Zamir White

School: Georgia

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 214 lbs

40: 4.4

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 1/2

Hand Size: 8 1/2

Strengths: Zamir White is a powerful running back and is a total weight room freak. He was the captain of the Georgia Bulldogs in 2021. White loves taking on hits.

Weaknesses: Has already has torn ACLs to both knees in 2017 and in 2018. His pass protection isn’t very good and Zamir White needs a lot of work on it.

Comp: Marion Barber III

5. Brian Robinson

School: Alabama

Ht, WT: 6’2″, 225 lbs

40: 4.53

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 7/8

Hand Size: 9 3/4

Strengths: Robinson is built like a linebacker that is willing to take on a three-down running back role. He can run on the perimeter with ease. Brian Robinson can break tackles with power.

Weaknesses: Running style can allow him to get hurt more easily. He is a one-trick pony.

Comp: Chris Carson

6. Dameon Pierce

School: Florida

Ht, WT: 5’10”, 238 lbs

40: 4.59

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 3/4

Hand Size: 9 3/8

Strengths: He averaged a touchdown every seven touches in college. Dameon Pierce is a violent runner who is not easy to bring down when tackling. He has rare talent to create yardage in a phone booth.

Weaknesses: He only has nine career games with only 10 or more carries. Pierce needs to work on his pass-catching ability at the next level.

Comp: Isaiah Crowell.

7. Abram Smith

School: Baylor

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 213 lbs

40: DNP

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 1/4

Hand Size: 8 1/4

Strengths: Smith is a very good blocker at the running back position. Didn’t start picking up more speed and strength until the middle of the year. He could provide a role on special teams.

Weaknesses: Has knee injuries in his past. His footwork needs some work.

Comp: Knile Davis.

8. Ty Davis-Price

School: LSU

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 211 lbs

40: 4.48

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 3/4

Hand Size: 9 1/4

Strengths: Runs well with a leader blocker. Ty Davis-Price gets better with volume. He runs with excellent bend.

Weaknesses: He needs a big hole to run through. His ball security will be a big issue and Davis-Price needs to get better at that.

Comp: Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

9. Kevin Harris

School: South Carolina

Ht, WT: 5’10”, 221 lbs

40: DNP

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 1/4

Hand Size: 9 1/4

Strengths: He runs with good knee-high action. Harris knows he is a big running back and acts and finishes like one too. He barely fumbles the football.

Weaknesses: Kevin Harris had offseason back surgery in 2020. He lacks creativity in the backfield when needed.

Comp: Carlos Hyde.

10. James Cook

School: Georgia

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 199 lbs

40: 4.42

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 3/4

Hand Size: 9 3/8

Strengths: James Cook is the younger brother of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and James Cook has smooth reads and cuts through the line and up to the second level. He is very patient behind his lead blocks. Cook uses his long speed to take it to the house.

Weaknesses: He seems to be afraid of contact. James Cook will struggle against linebackers in pass protection.

Comp: Darryton Evans.

11. Tyler Badie

School: Missouri

Ht, WT: 5’8″, 197 lbs

40: 4.45

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 29 3/8

Hand Size: 9 1/8

Strengths: Tyler Badie is very good at protecting the football. He is very difficult to bring down after catching passes in the backfield. Badie is very adequate at hitting the open hole and just taking off.

Weaknesses: He is not very good in short-yardage situations. Tyler Badie is more reactive than proactive setting up tacklers.

Comp: Kenneth Gainwell.

12. Pierre Strong

School: South Dakota State

Ht, WT: 5’11. 207 lbs

40: 4.37

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 31 7/8

Hand Size: 9 1/4

Strengths: Pierre Strong is a big-play threat with 10 career 50 plus yard touchdowns. He also has bends and bursts through line of scrimmage. Strong needs technique work but will lay into blitzing linebackers.

Weaknesses: He is unable to access quick gas after lateral jump-cuts. Pierre Strong can improve at setting up his blocks.

Comp: Tevin Coleman.

13. Kyren Williams

School: Notre Dame

Ht, WT: 5’9″, 194 lbs

40: 4.65

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 28 5/8

Hand Size: 9″

Strengths: He was a team captain in college. Williams is always to take on more workload when asked to step up. He is a very talented third-down option to have in the backfield.

Weaknesses: Kyren Williams is faster than explosiveness. He fumbles way too many times.

Comp: Dion Lewis.

14. Kennedy Brooks

School: Oklahoma

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 209 lbs

40: 4.59

3-cone: DNP

Arm-length: 30 1/4

Hand Size: 7 5/8

Strengths: He ran for over 1000 yards in all three seasons in college. Kennedy Brooks is praised by scouts. He was dependable and durable in college.

Weaknesses: Brooks can not run through tight spaces. He has a below-average speed.

Comp: Devontae Booker.

15. Rachaad White

School: Arizona State

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 214 lbs

40: 4.48

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 31 1/4

Hand Size: 9 3/4

Strengths: Impressive Production as a three-down running back. He can also catch passes out of the backfield. Rachaad White is a very patient runner.

Weaknesses: He needs to add more speed to his game. White is too inconsistent in pass blocking situations.

Comp: J.K. Dobbins.

16. Tyler Allgeier

School: BYU

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 224 lbs

40: 4.6

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 31 1/2

Hand Size: 9 5/8

Strengths: He is very well built for the running back position. Tyler Allgeier had four games of 190 plus rushing yards in 2021. He has very good vision when running with the football.

Weaknesses: Allgeier doesn’t run with a lot of power. His pass-catching needs tons of work.

Comp: Chuba Hubbard.

17. ZaQuandre White

School: South Carolina

Ht, WT: 6’0″, 206 lbs

40: DNP

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 30 3/4

Hand Size: 9″

Strengths: Good size with explosiveness. White is willing to play special teams. He has very good strength when absorbing contact.

Weaknesses: ZaQuandre White doesn’t have very good lane discipline when running with the football. He needs better technique in pass protection.

Comp: Boston Scott.

18. Snoop Conner

School: Mississippi

Ht, WT: 5’10”, 222 lbs

40: 4.59

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 30 1/4

Hand Size: 9 1/4

Strengths: He is game-ready with a thick, muscular frame. Conner has the ability to play a gap run scheme or a zone run scheme. He is a decisive and crisp one-cut running back.

Weaknesses: Snoop Conner runs like his gas pedal is stuck. He is not very dynamic or creative in space.

Comp: Alexander Mattison.

19. Ty Chandler

School: North Carolina

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 204 lbs

40: 4.38

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 32 1/8

Hand Size: 9″

Strengths: He had a breakout season in a single year at North Carolina. Chandler allows the offensive lineman to set up his blocks in order to get through the running holes more easily. He is also a pass-catching threat out of the backfield with soft, sure hands.

Weaknesses: He may take way too long to hit the open hole. Ty Chandler has average elusiveness in space.

Comp: Michael Carter

20. Jerome Ford

School: Cincinnati

Ht, WT: 5’10”, 210 lbs

40: 4.46

3-cone: DNP

Arm-Length: 30 5/8

Hand Size: 9 1/8

Strengths: He doesn’t have a lot of mileage on him since he only had 319 carries in college football. Ford possesses NFL size and athletic traits. He has very quick feet.

Weaknesses: Jerome Ford is a very average runner. He has had his ball security issues.

Comp: La’Mical Perine.

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