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Top 15 CB Scouting Reports

  1. Player: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner 

School: Cincinnati

Ht, WT: 6’3”, 190lbs

Pos: CB


3-cone: DNP

Arm length: 33 ½ “

Hand Size: 9 ⅝ “

Strengths: Gardner is a lockdown corner who sticks to his receivers like glue. HE gives very little cushion and never gives up on a play. He only allowed 66 yards per reception in 2021. Sauce has great speed, burst, and quickness and he can dominate smaller receivers. 

Weaknesses: Sauce can be a penalty machine, he is very grabby. He is inconsistent in getting off blocks. He has a high backpedal that causes him to lose a step in the transition. He will struggle against speedy receivers. 

Build: Below average build, has skinny legs, but he is one of the taller CBs.

Press/Zone: Sauce was one of the best press corners in college football. 

Run Support/Tackling: Sauce has a safety-like ability to play in the box when pressed.

Ball Skills: He has great ball skills and attacks the ball in the air.

Comp: Richard Sherman

2. Player: Derek Stingley Jr.

School: LSU

Ht, WT: 6’0” 190lbs

Pos: CB

40- 4.44

3-cone- 6.98

Arm length: 30 ⅝ “

Hand Size: 9 ⅝ “

Strengths: Stingley is a high effort player. He is exceptional in man coverage with good agility when covering his target. He is physical downfield and matches up well against bigger receivers.

Weaknesses: Should be more mindful of his hand usage downfield. He is inconsistent with competitive toughness. He has consecutive seasons with injuries.

Build: Size, speed, fluidity

Press/Zone: Best playing man to man coverage, but can play in all coverages

Run Support/Tackling: He is an above-average tackler, He doesn’t back down against the run and takes accurate angles to the ball carrier.

Ball Skills: He has elite ball skills. He can track deep balls and he has the patience with the ball in the air. He has a high success level at 50/50 balls. 

Comp: Marshon Lattimore

3. Player:Trent McDuffie

School: Washington

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 193lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 29 ¾ “

Hand Size: 8 ¾”

Strengths: McDuffie is an elite athlete, he has high-level explosiveness, speed, and quickness. He won’t be beaten deep with his straight-line speed. McDuffie is able to cover receivers and quickly recognizes routes.

Weaknesses: Biggest knock on McDuffie is his size. Taller WRs and TEs can dominate him, he needs to get stronger. He can at times be too aggressive and quarterbacks can exploit him. He isn’t a strong tackler which makes him a liability in run support. 

Build: Below average length and size 

Press/Zone: Can play both man and zone, but the best fit is in a zone system. 

Run Support/Tackling: Average tackler, he can be a liability in run support.

Ball Skills: Has good football awareness

Comp: Jaire Alexander

4. Player: Andrew Booth Jr

School: Clemson

Ht, WT: 6’0”, 194lbs

Pos: CB