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Top 15 CB Scouting Reports

  1. Player: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner 

School: Cincinnati

Ht, WT: 6’3”, 190lbs

Pos: CB


3-cone: DNP

Arm length: 33 ½ “

Hand Size: 9 ⅝ “

Strengths: Gardner is a lockdown corner who sticks to his receivers like glue. HE gives very little cushion and never gives up on a play. He only allowed 66 yards per reception in 2021. Sauce has great speed, burst, and quickness and he can dominate smaller receivers. 

Weaknesses: Sauce can be a penalty machine, he is very grabby. He is inconsistent in getting off blocks. He has a high backpedal that causes him to lose a step in the transition. He will struggle against speedy receivers. 

Build: Below average build, has skinny legs, but he is one of the taller CBs.

Press/Zone: Sauce was one of the best press corners in college football. 

Run Support/Tackling: Sauce has a safety-like ability to play in the box when pressed.

Ball Skills: He has great ball skills and attacks the ball in the air.

Comp: Richard Sherman

2. Player: Derek Stingley Jr.

School: LSU

Ht, WT: 6’0” 190lbs

Pos: CB

40- 4.44

3-cone- 6.98

Arm length: 30 ⅝ “

Hand Size: 9 ⅝ “

Strengths: Stingley is a high effort player. He is exceptional in man coverage with good agility when covering his target. He is physical downfield and matches up well against bigger receivers.

Weaknesses: Should be more mindful of his hand usage downfield. He is inconsistent with competitive toughness. He has consecutive seasons with injuries.

Build: Size, speed, fluidity

Press/Zone: Best playing man to man coverage, but can play in all coverages

Run Support/Tackling: He is an above-average tackler, He doesn’t back down against the run and takes accurate angles to the ball carrier.

Ball Skills: He has elite ball skills. He can track deep balls and he has the patience with the ball in the air. He has a high success level at 50/50 balls. 

Comp: Marshon Lattimore

3. Player:Trent McDuffie

School: Washington

Ht, WT: 5’11”, 193lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 29 ¾ “

Hand Size: 8 ¾”

Strengths: McDuffie is an elite athlete, he has high-level explosiveness, speed, and quickness. He won’t be beaten deep with his straight-line speed. McDuffie is able to cover receivers and quickly recognizes routes.

Weaknesses: Biggest knock on McDuffie is his size. Taller WRs and TEs can dominate him, he needs to get stronger. He can at times be too aggressive and quarterbacks can exploit him. He isn’t a strong tackler which makes him a liability in run support. 

Build: Below average length and size 

Press/Zone: Can play both man and zone, but the best fit is in a zone system. 

Run Support/Tackling: Average tackler, he can be a liability in run support.

Ball Skills: Has good football awareness

Comp: Jaire Alexander

4. Player: Andrew Booth Jr

School: Clemson

Ht, WT: 6’0”, 194lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 31 ½”

Hand Size: 9 ⅜”

Strengths: Booth is a very competitive player that plays bigger than his size. Booth is a physical player that can shed defenders and fight through blocks to blow up screens. Booth can hold his own against big receivers and has the capacity to be placed on an island by himself. 

Weaknesses: Booth can be inconsistent at times, he is inexperienced and hasn’t had a lot of playing time. His football IQ is below average and he has the tendency to bite on double moves. Booth is injury prone which could hurt his draft stock. 

Build: Typical build for a CB, has long arms. 

Press/Zone: Fits best in a zone system

Run Support/Tackling: He is an aggressive tackler, a good run defender, but can be too aggressive. 

Ball Skills: His ball judgment and tracking is above average

Comp: Jaire Alexander

5. Player: Kaiir Elam

School: Florida

Ht, WT: 6’ 1 ½” 191lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 30 ⅞”

Hand Size: 8 ⅞”

Strengths: Elam is a former WR and uses those skills on the defensive side of the ball. He has a natural feel for the game and his awareness in coverage is above average. HE is a CB, but many teams can move him to FS because he has the vision, hitting ability, ball skills, and range to play that position.

Weaknesses: Elam has been inconsistent in coverage and has been beaten for long touchdowns. He needs to improve his footwork and he is inconsistent in getting off blocks. His technique is questionable and at times, he gets lazy with fundamentals.

Build: NFL caliber height and weight

Press/Zone: Can play both coverages effectively.

Run Support/Tackling: Doesn’t play to his size in run support duties. He is inconsistent due to poor tackling technique. 

Ball Skills: Great ball skills.

Comp: Antonio Cromartie

6. Player: Kyler Gordon

School: Washington

Ht, WT: 5’11 ½” 194lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 31”

Hand Size: 9 ¼”

Strengths: Gordon has speed, quickness, leaping ability, and instincts to be a great corner in the NFL. He is a smart football player with a high football IQ. He plays with high energy, has good strength to tackle, and can play sideline to sideline. 

Weaknesses: Gordon only had one good season in 2021, before he was just average. He can be too aggressive in the run game and over pursues. He has drawn many unnecessary pass interference penalties. 

Build: He has the prototypical NFL CB frame. 

Press/Zone: Most capable in press coverage.

Run Support/Tackling: He can be too aggressive and over pursues. He misses too many tackles after the catch.

Ball Skills: Has good ball skills, and always wants his hands on the ball.

Comp: CJ Henderson

7. Player: Roger McCreary

School: Auburn

Ht, WT: 5’11” 190lbs

Pos: CB


3-cone- 6.96

Arm length: 28 ⅞”

Hand Size: 9”

Strengths: McCreary is one of the best man/press corners in college football. He has experience in multiple schemes. He tracks the ball perfectly on deep routes and doesn’t bite on play fakes or double moves. He has the ability to read the QB and know where the pass is going.

Weaknesses: When he plays zone, he has issues with comebacks across the middle. He needs to get stronger and doesn’t have elite speed. He is not as tall as average corners and has short arms. Taller receivers can play above him. 

Build: Average size with short arms.

Press/Zone: Can play in both schemes, but best in man/press coverage.

Run Support/Tackling: He is a solid tackler and good in run support from playing FS.

Ball Skills: He has good ball skills. He is ball hungry and wants his hands on the football. 

Comp: Rock Ya-Sin

8. Player: Tariq Woolen

School: UTSA

Ht, WT: 6’4” 205lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 33 ⅝”

Hand Size: 9 ⅛” 

Strengths: Woolen has a rare body type for a CB. He is 6-4 and runs a 4.26 40. He is physical downfield and is best at matching up with bigger receivers and Tight Ends. He has good ball instincts, he anticipates and reacts with discipline. His experience as a WR could help translate to the defensive side of the ball.

Weaknesses: Woolen is very raw since he only has 2 years of experience at CB. When targeted, he has allowed a 100.9 QB rating. He doesn’t have great hands and drops many interceptions.

Build: Tall and slender frame

Press/Zone: Best in man coverage when able to line up on the line of scrimmage and crowd receivers.

Run Support/Tackling: He is a strong, aggressive tackler that is not afraid to defend against the run. 

Ball Skills: He is a converted WR, but he struggles to make a play when his back is turned from the ball.

Comp: Kevin King

9. Player:Mario Goodrich

School: Clemson

Ht, WT: 6’0” 176lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length:30 ⅝”

Hand Size: 9 ⅛”

Strengths: Goodrich is very physical in coverage, he can get good jams at the line of scrimmage. He has a high football IQ. He is great in the run game, he has a nose for the ball, hits hard, and knows where the first down marker is.

Weaknesses: He ran a 4.52 40 so he doesn’t have elite speed.He will struggle with deep threat receivers. He was average in college and only had one year of top-level play.

Build: Prototypical size for a CB

Press/Zone: He is better in man coverage against short and medium routes

Run Support/Tackling: Has a nose for the football, an excellent tackler. He is great at playing through contact and he is an above-average D-gap defender. 

Ball Skills: Played receiver in high school, makes plays on the ball, works into throwing lanes with good technique.

Comp: Antoine Cason

10. Player: Martin (MJ) Emerson

School: Mississippi State

Ht, WT: 6’2” 201lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 33 ½”

Hand Size: 10 ⅛”

Strengths: Emerson has a high football IQ, he is able to diagnose plays. He is very aggressive in the middle of the field and he is able to cover bigger tight ends. With his size, he has the ability to play safety. He has great awareness and ability to react to the ball.

Weaknesses: Emerson is not a lockdown corner, he allowed an 88.9 QB rating when targeted. He lacks elite speed and he is easily beaten on double moves. 

Build: A big and tall CB

Press/Zone: Best in a zone system where he can get eyes on QB and WR.

Run Support/Tackling: Great run defender, works to release from blockers to make tackles and disrupt screens. He is an excellent tackler.

Ball Skills: Has good ball skills, most pass breakups came from underneath routes.

Comp: Cameron Dantzler

11. Player: Josh Jobe

School: Alabama

Ht, WT: 5’11 ½” 182 lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 32 ⅝”

Hand Size: 9 ¼”

Strengths: Jobe is a pure-press man and a match-up-based corner. His length and frame make him best against big receivers. He is a very physical player that jams the receiver well.

Weaknesses: Jobe doesn’t have elite speed and he can give up deep plays in press coverage. When he is aggressive, he gets caught by head fakes and double moves. He gets too grabby and causes penalties.

Build: Ideal length and frame

Press/Zone: Best fit in man coverage

Run Support/Tackling: He has the power to get through blocks and make the tackle. He will engage, shed, and completely wrap up the ball carrier.

Ball Skills: Not great ball production. Only 19 pass breakups in 4 years.

Comp: PJ Williams

12. Player: Coby Bryant

School: Cincinnati

Ht, WT: 6’1” 193lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 30 ⅝”

Hand Size: 9 ⅜”

Strengths: Bryant has a high football IQ, he has a good feel for the game. He is aggressive in coverage, he can blanket smaller receivers well. He can successfully blitz from the edge. In a pinch, Bryant could play safety.

Weaknesses: Bryant only has average speed and gives fast receivers too much cushion in coverage. He is easily prone to head fakes and double moves. 

Build Prototypical size and length.

Press/Zone: Can play both man and zone coverage, but best as a man/press corner.

Run Support/Tackling: Good run defender and tackler. He has the ability to play in the box as a safety.

Ball Skills: Has good ball skills, has had 18 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles, and 7 INTS in his college career.

Comp: Byron Murphy

13. Player: Alontae Taylor 

School: Tennessee

Ht, WT: 6’0” 199lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 31 ⅞”

Hand Size: 9”

Strengths: Taylor is very agile and fast. He can stick with receivers and closes on the ball. Taylor has good awareness, he can recognize amd anticipate routes.

Weaknesses: Taylor needs to get stronger. He struggles with shedding blocks and wrapping up tackles. He is hesitant to tackle bigger running backs. 

Build: Prototypical CB size and length

Press/Zone: Best fit is in zone coverage

Run Support/Tackling: He loves to be physical and fast, but he is an average tackler.

Ball Skills: He is aConverted WR in 2018, at times, he is late to find the ball in the air.

Comp: Isaac Yiadom

14. Player: Zyon McCollum

School: Sam Houston State

Ht, WT: 6’2” 199lbs

Pos: CB



Arm length: 30 ¾”

Hand Size: 9”

Strengths: McCollum is a legitimate NFL-caliber corner. He has the closing speed and willingness to make big hits. He is a corner but has the body to play safety. He was a team captain and has a high football IQ.

Weaknesses: He needs to get stronger, and needs to play more to his size as a hitter. He needs to close distance on receivers better. He allows receivers to work back to the football.

Build Lean and athletic build.

Press/Zone: Best fit in zone coverage because of his size, length, and ball skills

Run Support/Tackling: Needs to improve tackling, tackles too high, and doesn’t wrap up.

Ball Skills: Has good ball skills. Aggressive to make plays at the catch point.

Comp: Brandon Browner

15. Player: Cam Taylor-Britt

School: Nebraska

Ht, WT: 6’0” 199lbs

Pos: DB



Arm length: 32 ¼”

Hand Size: 9 ⅛”

Strengths: He was a three-year starter and team captain. He is a versatile player that can play both corner and free safety. He has the speed and skills to play outside the corner. He is also an excellent punt returner.

Weaknesses: He can be too aggressive in coverage. He bites on head fakes too often and gets beat deep. He tends to give up too much cushion to receivers and at times, takes poor angles when tackling.

Build: Prototypical CB

Press/Zone: Best in a zone defense

Run Support/Tackling: He is great in run support and has good strength to tackle, but does take poor angles when tackling.

Ball Skills: Good ball skills, has five career interceptions.

Comp: James Bradbury

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