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Too Little To Late for the Red Sox 

When does playing hot ball not matter ? when the teams you’re chasing are playing hot ball too, and that is the bottom line when it comes to this recent hot streak that the Red Sox are currently riding. Yes that’s how far we have fallen people, 5-5 is a hot streak . The Rays are 6-4 in their last ten, the White Sox are also 6-4 and the Orioles are just as hot as Boston 5-5. See the issue ? 

Christian's been cooking. — Red Sox (@RedSox) August 18, 2022

The Bloom Sox have won five of their past seven, but look what it’s done. They are the same five games out of the last wildcard spot. Just keeping their head above water. Stringing us all along down the stretch. Keeping themselves and these next nine games barely relevant. This team needs to take seven of those next nine. In my unhumble opinion I don’t think this squad has it in them. 

Red Sox TV laughed @pirates. According to BB Reference Wins Above Ave. by Position. each team has 2 position above ave.-Bos. 3B, SS, Pitts. CF. 3B — Peter Gammons (@pgammo) August 19, 2022

The Pollyannas of the world, the Bloom Sox disciples will continue to bang the drum that Boston has its destiny in their own hands with 31 of their remaining 43 games against teams they are chasing. That’s  31 games vs the AL East. but they are ignoring that they are 15-30 when facing those teams this season. Even the most degenerate gambler wouldn’t lay good money down on this team making the postseason. Facts are facts and a .500 team is a .500 team. And after 119 games calling this group a .500 team is being a game generous. 

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