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Tom Petty said it best

The Boston Celtics have taken a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals over the Miami Heat.  The tip for Game #6 at the TD Garden is 8:45 PM, Friday Night of Memorial Day Weekend.  The crowd will be out of its mind, and Boston will be packed as the Celtics look to take the next step in the maturation process.  Celtic fans have waited 12 years to get back to the Finals and a season that wouldn’t be accepted by a writer as a movie script could be moving on.  The Truth, the waiting is the hardest part.

Guide to tomorrow for Celtics fans.  Don’t get amped too early.  Maybe some Martika Toy Soldiers, Toto’s Africa (the better version) some Air Supply at your desk or home.  If you’re a wrestling fan or not, take the popular MJF Challenge.  It will make you laugh or go OMG.

Eat a light lunch and find what calms you.  If you like gardening, get out there.  You can reorganize a shelf.  Take a nap.  Open your pool.  Turn up the pump-up music, and get ready for E2G Sports Network Pregame Show (Great plug).

8:00-8:45 will be the worst. It’s time for your anxiety relief of choice, make sure drinks and snacks are ready. Get into your comfy spot, pump up the TV Volume and take in the Garden crowd.

Even this version of the Celtics got love and atmosphere.  It’s going to be electric.  Enjoy.

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