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Tom Brady Sr. calls into 98.5 Zolak and Bertrand show 

Let me start off, for those of you new to my show, I have never liked Tom Brady Sr. I mean EVER. Brady Sr. is every Little League – Pop Warner Daddy Coach cliché rolled into one human being. You know the guys I’m talking about. The dad whose kid should have been playing on the A squad with the 14-year-olds at NINE. The one who always knew after the play you should have had your outfield deeper or the infield shift on because that 10-year-old hit two balls to second the last time you played them six weeks ago. If you had let his son, whose hands are too small to even grip a football, sling it on first and goal at the two you would have won the game by 28 instead of 21 points and how could you crush his spirit like that.

Anyhow, you get my point. 

Well, two nights ago the NFL schedule dropped and the most anticipated game it seems is the Buccaneers-Patriots matchup on October 3rd, week four of the season. Personally, I was hoping for a Thanksgiving showdown between Tommy Terrific and Mad Mac (Mad Mac – I’ve decided to make Mad Mac a thing). But as my mom always said. It’s good to want things, it makes you work harder. TB the younger is set to break Drew Brees’s regular-season passing record of 80,358 yards on or about week 4. He’s only 1,154 yards behind Brees so I can see New York Jets fans down at 345 Park Ave NYC going this way for the storyline.

But let’s step back a few. Brady Sr. has never been a man to hold his tongue – miss an opportunity to stab you verbally in the back and twist a blade a bit. So, when Brady the elder got the chance to call into the ten to two crew’s show on 98.5 the Sports Hub he took it. 

Tom Brady Sr. and the 98.5 Zolak and Bertrand show 

Sr. started out on the good foot. Talking about how “ “It’s been our home for 20 years, we love Boston,”  Bla-Blah-Blah the family’s “second home.” “It’s been a very special place in our heart for so many years,”  and Yadda – Yadda Yadda – Wait for it…

Tom Sr. just couldn’t take the high road though. Nope, not this man, whose half a billionaire son owes a big chunk of his existence to this place, these fans, and his former head coach adding

“I saw the schedule come out last night and I started salivating when I saw that we play the Patriots in the fourth game of the season and that we’re coming up here to make our record 4-0,” he added. “We expect to beat the Patriots rather handily, frankly.” 

Hello @Patriots? Do you have a thumbtack to put this up on the bulletin board or do you need to borrow one of ours? — Zolak & Bertrand (@ZoandBertrand) May 13, 2021

Would someone mind picking my eyes up, they rolled across the floor. 

While Sr. expects a fuzzy welcome back to Foxboro reminiscent of an 80’s Snuggle dryer sheet commercial for Tommy, he does realize that here, it’s Pats first – player’s second in these parts. 

“I think that the fans at Gillette will embrace him until the opening kick-off, and then they’ll boo the hell out of him,” he predicted. “I think the fans appreciate everything he did for them for 20 years, but at the same time they’re Patriots’ fans.”

Nice to know Tom Sr. hasn’t lost touch with reality.

Goat talk

While I won’t call it backstepping, he also seems to know that The GOAT understands the end may be nearing adding, “How do you do anything but appreciate everything that the Krafts have done for him, and Belichick has done for him? The coaching staff – these guys have been in the trenches for 20 years together,” Brady Sr. said, before adding what some might say is an insane projection for his son’s future.

“So while he’s happy now, I think he’s starting to realize that the end of the career is coming to an end and he’s just savoring every moment as he walks down the final stretch, whether it’s one year, or two years, or TWELVE years.” ….. 12? Hold that thought I need a drink. 

Tom Brady is belove-ed here in New England and he will be welcomed back with cheers and tears. He may be booed by a few. But not many. With everything that’s happened during this messy break up, the one thing that put a smile on my face was the lack of TB Srs. bitching – moaning and daddy coaching. And I for one hope the single-season record (a joke record Brady buried long ago with 12,449 passing yards in playoff games) happens in week five or six and the hoodie shuts him down.

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