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Tom Brady Bids Farwell

Any words I or anyone for that matter writes today will pale in comparison to Tom Brady’s career. Twenty One years as a starting QB in the NFL and Ten trips to it’s ultimate game. Seven times a Superbowl Champion. Five times the MVP of sports greatest game. All records that will never be approached. A man who played in an era of greatness at his position. And he stood head and shoulders above. HOF 2000’s team HOF 2010’s. 15 Times named to the pro bowl , 3 times an All Pro, 3 time the league’s MVP. 

"I feel like the luckiest person in the world." – @TomBrady #ThankYouTom — NFL (@NFL) February 1, 2022

Think of the people Tom Brady laid to waste during his career. Current and future Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Peyton Manning – Kurt Warner – Ben Roethlisberger – Drew Brees – Aaron Rodgers. Now add in the flavors of the month that dot the NFL landscape who may one day be called to Canton. Through sheer drive and determination this man ignited and then ended conversations as to who was the best to ever play the game. He walks into the sunset with no comparison. 

Tom Brady rewrote the Record Book. 

Games started: 316

Wins: 243

Career pass completions: 7,263

Pass completions in a season: 485 

Career pass attempts: 11,317

Career passing yards: 84,520

Passing touchdowns: 624

Playoff games: 47

Playoff wins: 35

Playoff Passing Attempts: 1,855 

Playoff passing yards: 13,049

Playoff touchdowns: 86

Super Bowl Appearances: 10 

Super Bowl Wins: 7  

Super Bowl MVP: 5 

It was quite the ride. Thank you and congratulations, @TomBrady. — New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 1, 2022

Today many are sad to see it all end. Some are outraged at the words Brady chose to walk out the door too. Thirty One Other Teams Breathe a Sigh of Relief. Me ? As a kid who grew up in the 70’s and lived through the 80’s. It was just amazing to be a part of all of this. Both as a lifelong Patriots fan and a member of the media. in 2001 i said. If they win this one I’ll die a happy man. He led the Patriots to five more. We couldn’t have asked for more. Because the man quite honestly had no more to give.

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