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Tohoku Tag Team Championship Changes Hands in Michinoku Pro

History was made on July 17 at the Michinoku Pro event in Sendai, when the Tohoku Tag Team Championship changed hands. In the final match of the event, Manabu & Ken45 defeated GAINA & Taro Nohashi to win the championship. This is the second time that both Manabu and Ken45 are holding the championship, and their first time holding it together. Other great teams that are a part of the lineage of the Tohoku Tag Team Championship include Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2, Dick Togo & The Great Sasuke, and Jinsei Shinzaki & The Great Sasuke.

Manabu was in tag team action against GAINA & Taro Nohashi earlier this month at a Michinoku Pro event at Korakuen Hall, where he forced Nohashi into submission.

Today’s Tohoku Tag Team Championship victory is one of the many impressive highlights on the resumes of Manabu and Ken45.

Manabu’s first reign as Tohoku Tag Team Champion is the fifth longest in the history of the championship, and he is the second longest reigning Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion in history (with the longest reign belonging to Rui Hyugaji).

Along with having a previous reign as Tohoku Tag Team Champion, Ken45 has also held the UWA World Tag Team Championship during that 2018-2019 reign, which has a unique history with its roots older than Michinoku Pro itself. The championship was established in 1982 in the Universal Wrestling Association, which was based in Mexico. It was unified with the Tohoku Tag Team Championship at the time due to Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita capturing the UWA World Tag Team Championship in June 2016 while they simultaneously were the Tohoku Tag Team Champions.

Manabu and Ken45 are two of the most loyal members of Michinoku Pro- their careers began the same year and in the same promotion (2002 in Toryumon), and the majority of the matches in their 19-year careers have taken place in a Michinoku Pro ring.

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