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Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards Fined for Social Media Indiscretion

Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been fined $40,000 by the NBA for using “offensive and derogatory language” on social media. The former first overall draft pick came under fire earlier this month after recording a group of people on a sidewalk and using disparaging language to describe them. The video was deleted, but it had already been widely circulated on social media. The announcement of the penalty comes more than a week after Edwards issued a statement apologizing for using homophobic language in an Instagram Stories post, adding that he was “raised better than that!”

The NBA has fined Anthony Edwards for using homophobic slurs in a recent Instagram video. — theScore (@theScore) September 20, 2022

The Timberwolves Organization Frowns at the Act In a previous statement, Timberwolves team president Tim Connelly said the team was “disappointed” in Edwards’ actions, saying the team is committed to being an “inclusive and welcoming organization for all.” “We are disappointed in the language and actions Anthony Edwards displayed on social media,” Connelly said in his statement. “The Timberwolves are committed to being an inclusive and welcoming organization for all and apologize for the offense this has caused to so many.” The 21-year old has shown remorse regarding what he did and it goes without saying that he could have done better with his actions and inactions. NBA and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar even put the Ant on a rip on Monday, claiming an apology isn’t enough.

What I said was immature, hurtful, and disrespectful, and I’m incredibly sorry. It’s unacceptable for me or anyone to use that language in such a hurtful way, there’s no excuse for it, at all. I was raised better than that! — Anthony Edwards (@theantedwards_) September 11, 2022

The League Body’s Zero Tolerance per Homophobia The NBA has handed out fines to players who used similar, homophobic language before. Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets was fined $50,000 in April 2021 for using “offensive and derogatory language” in private messages to actor Michael Rapoport. In 2011, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was given a $50,000 fine for using an anti-gay slur at a fan.

Edwards was Minnesota’s second-leading scorer last season with an average of 21.3 points per game that ranked 19th in the league. His average of 1.5 steals per game was 13th in the NBA.

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