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These Red Sox Kids Are Alright

On Friday the Red Sox announced Chris Sale was headed to the SIXTY DAY DL , shocking I know. Over the weekend the sox bats slept but the arms? Oh the young arms of this Red Sox rotation were awake, alive and hurling.

Whitlock , Houck and Bello Oh My. Have the Sox found the yellow brick road to the postseason? Optimists think they have. In 19 ⅓ innings the youngsters gave up just five earned runs. On Friday night Garrett Whitlock the 27 year old elder statesman of the Trio took the hill and went 6 ⅓ allowing one earned to Josh Donaldson, who took him yard in the sixth. He struck out 6 batters and walked just one. Saturday's game was a wasted effort as the Sox dropped the middle game of the set. Tanner Houck was every inch the Incredible Houck going 6 innings and allowing just 2 earned runs ( again cheap yankme stadium long balls) while sitting down 6 by way of the K and walking just one batter.

But on Sunday ? Damn ! Brayan Bello was pretty damn Mello. The 24 year old went 7 innings allowing two runs both in the bottom of the second and with two out no less off a fluky rebound shot off the bat of the .214 hitting Jose Travino and second base. The bank shot plated Josh Donaldson who walked and Billy Mckinney who hit a ground rule double. After that ? Bello was just lights out. Getting 9 groundouts while giving up just one more hit on the day. Kenley Jansen may have gotten the Win and Chris Martin notched his first save. But it was the Bello show on ESPN Sunday night.

Yes the bats need to be woken up. Someone please call Jobu. 7 runs in 28 innings and one base hit in the first 27 innings of this series with RISP is dreadful situational hitting. Boston took 2 of 3 over the Evil Empire but they could have easily gone either 3-0 or 0-3 this past weekend. The Bats need to get going. The hitters need to start shooting balls to right field. Too many K’s. Too many double plays. Too many three run games. To contend in the AL East.

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