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The Triple H era in WWE continues to excite fans

There has been a lot of discussion about the WWE since Triple H became the new head of creative for the company, with an overwhelming majority of the talk being positive.

As the weeks continue, the chatter has only increased. There have already been a lot of changes made to both RAW and SmackDown, most of which have brought back intense excitement that many fans have been missing for quite some time.

Fans can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Neither show feels superior to the other, as one usually has over the years. And both of the main roster shows have felt just as exciting. This past week’s RAW episode furthered the company’s new era in a few particular ways.

The new focus on QUALITY

Throughout the last several years, the quality of matches on both RAW and SmackDown were far different than those during the black and gold era in NXT. The matches on their developmental brand were continuously amazed at their storytelling and entertainment, but also they always felt top-notch.

The main roster shows seemed to be very much in favor of the entertainment aspect of the show rather than implementing more and longer matches. That was where Vince McMahon was mistaken.

Wrestling fans get entertainment out of watching wrestling matches. Sure, the backstage segments can be good but only if they’re somehow adding to a storyline or the build-up of one. More often the shows would be filled with backstage segments or random interviews, while matches were getting less and less time.

It had been a complaint in regards to the women’s division for years and it appeared to then be trickling over to the shows in general. But with Triple H steering the brand in a new direction, it has drastically changed over the last month.

How has it been changed?

The mindset of a former wrestler turned head of a creative gives a completely different viewpoint on how the shows should be run. There’s no denying that McMahon is a business genius and brought the WWE to the incredible success it has become. But a lot of his decisions were based on “what was best for business” (which isn’t always applicable) or the personal opinions of those around him.

Triple H understands what it’s like to be within the business side of things but has a better understanding of what it’s like to be a performer and even a fan. He had the most successful period when working on the creative in NXT, developing some of the top names in the wrestling industry today. And making NXT a sought show and brand to work for.

Now overseeing the flagship shows, he is using his previous knowledge from that time to give the fans what they want. And what they want is more wrestling, and more good wrestling.

When speaking during the Q2 call on Tuesday, reporters would ask about his new outlook on the company and how he’s approaching the role;

“For me, I’ve been doing this for a long time, from behind the scenes in creative, from really almost the very beginning of my career here with WWE. I’m approaching it from a ‘first day’ what is working, what isn’t working, from the overall picture, all the day down to the smallest of details and really trying to create from there.”

Developing more intriguing storylines

An aspect that has lacked in WWE was true depth to their storylines. On most occasions, a feud would begin and end with nothing substantive creating the feud or occurring during it.

Although it’s been only a handful of weeks since the creative transition took place, the new storylines that are developing have drawn the viewers in and have created that intrigue to bring them back for the next show.

The biggest stand-out in this right now would be the return of Dexter Lumis. During the last two weeks of RAW, viewers would catch events happening behind an interview, or a backstage segment that usually would not take place, like security running after someone. Or a car accident occurring in the parking lot.

Later in the show, a “mysterious” man would be removed from the arena by police and security. During the tussle, the mystery man would be revealed as Lumis, leaving fans wondering what is happening and what will come next.

The Easter eggs throughout the show have created an extra element for fans to look for.

Will an old part of WWE wrestling be brought back?

With the rise in The Judgement Day’s feud with the Mysterio’s and Edge, Rhea Ripley has been heavily involved in the back-and-forth, even getting physical with Dominik Mysterio in last week’s episode.

She would mention her beatdown of the younger Mysterio this week during her in-ring promo which led many to question the future of the feud.

Will the old, yet controversial inter-gender wrestling matches be making their return?

During the Attitude Era and years prior, inter-gender matches were the norm. Over the last 20 or so years, those matches have been scrapped. But with Ripley’s insurgence in this feud, we may see her facing a Mysterio sooner or later.

Emphasis on women’s division

Since the official end of the diva’s era, the women’s division has certainly improved in more ways than one. There is no longer a mold for them to fit into. The talent these women possess is unmatched. And when given a chance, they show up.

Triple H along with Stephanie McMahon, are known for their passion when it comes to women’s wrestling. During his oversight of NXT, some of the most talented women wrestlers would make their way to the main roster; including but not limited to Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Emma, Paige, and Sasha Banks.

More legitimacy was brought into the division with the addition of the women’s tag team championships. It had been a long time coming with many women feeling they should’ve been brought in sooner. However, once they were introduced, their importance seemingly went down the drain.

The titles became an afterthought, causing Banks and Naomi to make their infamous walk-out on RAW. Now that they are reportedly in talks to make their returns, a women’s tag title tournament to crown new champions is underway. The final two teams will face off at Clash at the Castle in September, fueling the rumors that Banks and Naomi will be returning soon after.

With new minds developing the stories on tv each week, it’s fair to assume the titles will be treated much differently. Because both Triple and McMahon care about the division, the titles will likely be given proper air time and storylines.

There are many talented tag teams on both brands and in NXT that deserve their chance to legitimize the titles and be showcased on tv. And this new era feels like it will be their time to shine.

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