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The run in Game One

At the 6:42 mark of the 4th quarter of Game One, Al Horford takes a knee after checking in at the scorer’s table.  Steph Curry just hit a mid-range jumper to put the Warrior up 101-97.  On the court for Boston is Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Derrick White, Rob Williams, and Peyton Pritchard.  The thought to most people, Horford is coming in for Pritchard.  Al Horford checks in for Rob Williams.  Ime Udoka has gone to a more offensive lineup but with the ability to switch on the outside.  Derrick White goes back to back 3’s to tie the game at 103.

The defense does solid work closing in on Curry’s air space.  Al Horford is even out at the 3-point line on one possession and Derrick White and Jaylen Brown do a great job on a switch of Steph Curry which results in a turnover caused by Horford before he hits another 3 in on a great kick from Tatum.

The Warriors are never out of it.  Great timeout by Udoka with 3:44 left in the game.  Smart in for Pritchard,  Horford hits a jumper, Celtics up 8.  Suffocating Defense, an illegal screen on Draymond Green then the finish, and the thing that I loved, HIGH FIVES TO THE WHOLE BENCH.

The win is a credit to Ime Udoka and his feel for the game.  Great coaching in the 4th quarter, made the right substitutions and you can see the team is completely bought in.  It’s only Game # 1 but can we put to rest the 123-0 experience in the Finals game difference.

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