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The Red Sox Have a Problem No One is Talking About

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

There is a serious issue down on 4 Jersey Street that no one is talking about. Do you know what I'm talking about ? of course you don't. Because no one is talking about it. Yesterday the Red Sox signed a needed player Adam Duval . A player that should be debated, Why did Bloom go in this direction? Why just one year? Did the sox vet his injury history in a way that Red Sox nation can rest assured he won't spend the entire year on the DL ? but it wasn't. Why?

That's a ton of question marks in a single paragraph. Yet none of these questions were answered because they were never asked. And that's the problem. I may have buried the lead here but guess what John Henry. your team has been buried. No one is talking about your most valuable property. The Boston Red Sox. I threw that in there in case he forgot what Fenway Sports Groups most valuable asset is, The Red Sox, at 3.9 Billion Dollars.

But let's digress. Yesterday the Sox brought in Free Agent Adam Duvall. What did we get on this signing ? Well besides my piece here, nothing from NESN on air ( more on this later ) , a blurb in the Herald and column or two in the Globe, Mass Live Chris Cotillo did a nice write up. And NESN online had three stories up. And John Tomasse had this bit over at NBC Boston.

NBC Sports Boston On Air ? not half a minute was spent on your team John Henry. Nineteen Seconds was devoted to this story last night on BST. As part of a thirty second sports update by Michael Holey. Sandwiched in between Patriots free agent spending speculation and the Bruins David Pasternak contract talk, your most valued franchise was worth a nineteen second mention.

Other than Xander Walking out the door the most airtime you have gotten in your own town never mind nationally has been. Bloom - Kennedy and for whatever reason Tom Werner sitting behind a table announcing Rafael Devers contract extension. And the talk wasn't about how great this is for the franchise, but WHY ARE YOU HOLDING A PRESSER FOR SIGNING YOUR OWN PLAYER. Sorry I got a little heated there. But this is where you and your Blooming President of B.O. have dragged this great franchise. Last year you turned your back on NESN actually covering sports. Shelving Sports Desk. This was a huge mistake. The perfect propaganda machine was shut down for gambling and well im not sure what else is going on over there. Just foolish. The Red Sox net worth on paper may be 3.9 Billion. But its on-air value is NINETEEN Seconds on the region's number one sports outlet. Let that sink in.

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