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The next week in the NFL

The next 168 hours in the NFL should be very interesting.  If you’ve been watching the reports, a lot of teams who have major cap issues have been making adjustments with players to lower cap numbers.  Granted, this is just kicking the can down the road but with the cap down, you take these chances..  It’s not just doing this to get to legal tampering on March 15th, it’s a matter of being in position to make those key additions to put teams like the Steelers and Saints in a good spot despite current cap woes.

My prediction is we see a lot of veterans with high cap savings available by the weekend.  Zack Ertz type players, on the streets, looking for work before the free agent class can sign.  This creates an interesting dynamic for the teams with space and needs.  Be ready for an interesting week, as the clock strikes 4pm on March 17th and we welcome in NFL year 2021.

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