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The Nets, Irving and Durant Trade Saga

The Brooklyn Nets front office seem to have their hands full as the off-season gets in full gear. It is becoming apparent, lately, that the organization was not going to be without interest from suitors per their key players – Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, whose respective situations have layers to it. With Kyrie, the Nets took a hard stance because of the COVID-19 scourge, which was understandable. But, there were some risks to doing that and they are now seeing it first-hand. And with the relative camaraderie between both players, Brooklyn knew they were toeing a thin line fraught with complications.

Nets owner Joe Tsai isn't interested in signing Kyrie to a max extension. 😳 — theScore (@theScore) June 25, 2022

What’s With the Impasse? Irving and the Nets are reportedly at a deadlock when it comes to his future with the team. He has a player option for the 2022-23 season that he has yet to make a decision on. Whether or not he accepts it, the Nets do not have any plans of signing him to a long-term contract. Brooklyn taking that stance on Irving is very reasonable as they have been unable to rely on the point guard since he joined the team three seasons ago. He has played in only 103 games, missing time because of injuries, taking time to handle some social issues and not receiving the vaccine. Kevin Durant does not look perturbed about Kyrie’s inconsistencies at all. The friendship between the duo suggests it’s either KD and Kyrie or it’s nothing — at least, if what is currently being reported are true.

Kyrie Irving has reportedly named 6 teams as trade destinations should his Nets situation not work out. • Lakers • Mavs • Clippers • Sixers • Knicks • Heat Which team do you want to see Irving on next year? — ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) June 25, 2022

With reports that the Kyrie camp is forcing the hands of the Nets organization to a deal, a sign that things may be beyond reconciliation – all of this understandably has KD stepping back and assessing his situation. If Irving does move on, via trade or free agency, who the Nets get in return and their next steps will be part of that assessment. Should the Nets Let Go of One of the Duo? KD is one of the best shooters in the game and he comes highly rated. He is still capable of carrying a team when need be and was routinely the only player that the Nets could rely on in the past two seasons when he was healthy. Kyrie has over the years proven to be a sore thumb and a divisive figure. His rise in stock due to winning the championship in 2016 with LeBron James has not been properly handled. He is one of the best ball handlers in the league, but fails to lead the pack when push comes to shove.

.@Wojespn breaks down the latest on the Nets-Kyrie Irving saga. — Get Up (@GetUpESPN) June 23, 2022

The body language of some teams suggest they are rooting for Kyrie to force a move away from the Nets, so as to get the chance to cobble together trade packages to acquire the services of Kevin Durant. From the foregoing, it would be a huge blow to have to trade Durant, as the Nets would go from being title contenders to rebuilding in a year.

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