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The Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Jets Part Deux

Here we go again people. I have often said no one on the planet believes their own press as much as Bills QB Josh Allen. No folks, I'm not going to admit I was wrong. Allen is still the reigning king in cheese mustaches and riding his own over pumped tires BUT. The NY Jets fan base is a close second. The Gangrene idiots were out in full force before the matchup in the meadowlands just two weeks ago then went completely silent. Funny how that always seems to be the case with these idiots. Now fresh off a big 20-17 win over the Bills they are back atop their mountain of F.U. ALL as they head north to Foxboro. Here are my monster Keys to send them back to the swamps they and their team oozed from.

Preserve and Protect

In the last matchup The Jets D - Line got home early and often. Mac Jones was hounded and harassed on far too many drop backs. This time around David Andrews is back and the brain trust has had 2 weeks to reset and reload. The first key is to give Mac a clean pocket. Let him work without worry.

Run The Damn Ball

I’m pulling out one of my old Big Tuna Keys Run the Damn Ball . Stevenson and company didn't light up the Jets the last time they played although some big runs were broken off. I want to see more off tackle bully ball this go round. with both Harris and Rhamondre leading the way to set up the play action game.

Hey Look Tight Ends

Hunter Henry and Jonnu smith saw a grand total of 5 targets in the first meeting of the season. I understand they have been asked to block more the past few weeks but everyone on this line is back and healthy ( nock wood ) the seams will be open. The play action should allow either or both of these men to rip a few big YAC gains off and move the chains.

Mix it up in the Red Zone

This is really getting to me. Hunter Henry is 6’5 - Jakobi Myers and Tyquan Thornton are 6’2 - Devante Parker and Jonnu Smith are both 6’3 yet i can't get a fade to the pilon i can't get a WR streaking across the back of the endzone. What do I get ? J.J Taylor spamming it up between the tackles. Not even Stevenson or Harris.. J.J bloody Taylor. Throw the ball get me six.

The Weeklies

Own Third Down - the Pats were just 6 of 19 the last time these teams met. That won't get it done Sunday I'm looking for 60% … also get the pretty boy off the field.

Limit The Laundry - the false starts and formation flubs are getting old. You’re not rookies people. CLEAN IT UP

Win the Turnover Battle - the Eagles finally lost last week. Know why ? for the first time this season, they didn't win this battle. Take care of the ball. I don't care how. I want a big fat doughnut on the patriots side of the ledger this week. Bye week be damned we know Wilson can't help himself and will toss two to us.

Make them one dimensional.

Stuff the run and put it on Zach's back. The D-line did a great job last time around shutting down the Jets running game. They are going to have to do that again.

Mix up your coverages

Wilson is dumber than dirt. Confused and confuddle him and the INT’s will follow. Don’t lose track of Tyle Conklin this go round shall we.

Crush and contain

Good pad level is the term of the day on defense. Pressure precious little Zachery on every play. EVERY PLAY. This is the key to getting him out of sorts and out of pocket. Keep the little bastard in front of you and when you get the chance drive him into the turf.

That's it my rabid readers. This game is a pivotal one. Letting this one slip away could be a death nail for the Patriots in the standings. Winning it vaults them into serious playoff contention. Possibly even a home game. This is a game the Patriots are supposed to win. But so was the Bears game.

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