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The Monster Keys to Patriots 2023 NFL Draft

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

"Once More into the breach dear friends, once more:" Or close the wall with past Patriots drafts .

William Shakespeare and a little context added in by me. Here we are. Draft week. We have gone back and forth reading all the takes and watching all the film we could get eyes on. Why ? good question , you guys always ask the best questions. We meaning the ones that do all this are masochists. We must be to keep doing all of this year after year, draft after draft. We live to devour all this information on twenty somethings when we know deep in our hearts the pain will come. And it always comes. Bill will trade back, trade out then trade up and into just to test our fortitude and do what he thinks is best for the Pats. So the rounds and numbers here are only place holders.. Bill will do his thing. And I did mine. Well my rabid readers here it is, what I think is the best plan for the Patriots this weekend. Here are my monster keys to the 2023 Patriots Draft.

Rd 1 pick 14: Darnell Wright OT Tennessee

Broderick Jones will be the best OT in this draft, In two or three years. But the Patriots need to make hay now .... At 6’5 335 lbs Wright is a massive human who checks all the boxes you would want. Mammoth size, a football IQ that rivals anyone in this class and my god is he an athlete. Bill likes'em big. And well who the hell doesn't. Wright is a pass pro nightmare for opposing defense's and he gets off on hitting people. His run blocking ? He comes off low and bulldozes opponents like few others in this class. Wright went up against the heaviest of hitters in this class and came out unscathed. I believe he can play either Right or Left Tackle here and could see snaps at the next level at Guard. Sounds like a Patriots godsend

Rd 2 pick 46: Cody Mauch OT/IOL North Dakota State

Yes folks I've come here today to chew bubblegum and kick ass.. I’m handling all family business. Mauch has been downplayed by a few out there for the level of competition he faced at ND-State. I’m not buying it. This man held his own in the Senior Bowl and moved all along the watchtower. Right tackle , right guard even got some snaps at center. Bill loves a run grader who explodes into opponents and works well in space. His pass-pro may need some refinement but I know Coach Klemm can handle that.

RD 3 pick 76 Tucker Kraft TE South Dakota State

Some may think Tucker Kraft in the fourth is wishful thinking. and so i grabbed him in three, Kraft played at the FCS level in college and declared with a year of eligibility left. Ballsy. But

I think this will push him down but not out of the top 100. He has the size 6’3 255 to block in the run game and speed in the open field to give O’brien a three headed monster at the TE position. Can you say more 12 personnel ? I knew that you could.

Rd 4 Pick 107: Kyu Blu Kelly CB Stanford

At 6’ even and 190 Kelly is not the #1 shutdown corner the talking heads are all clamoring for, that ship sailed in the first round, but he is the solid # 2 press man the patriots need in their system. Kelly has the length speed and eyes to take on # 2 wide outs all by his lonesome and allow bracketing on an opposition's number 1. " This is the way . "

Rd 4 117: Byron Young Edge Tennessee

At just 6’2 250 Young is a bit of a reach for the next level but I think if the Patriots grab him he can contribute right away as an outside the tackle pass rusher. In his tape young looks like a sprinter getting out and past opposing OTs. And he is good enough in pass coverage to play the SAM. he's a great athlete with the ability to change direction and get back to second gear in an instant. Versatility is the key here. Turn it .

Rd 4 Pick 135 : Deuce Vaughn RB Kansas State

At 5’5 and 179 lbs Deuce Vaughn would be the smallest player not only Bill Belichick has ever drafted but the Patriots also. I Don’t Care. Deuce Vaughn turned his biggest weakness into his greatest strength. He hides in the backfield and behind his blockers and when he sees daylight he hits it. But it's his hands and open field moves that make him special. Darren Sproles kind of special. He starts and stops on a dime. Makes second level defenders look like fools in the open field and has a chip on his shoulder like Tom Brady.

Rd 6 Pick 184 : Koby Turner DL Wake Forest

Turner may not be the big backside "sand in the pants" ( Ez Lazar ) , DT bill has loved over the years but he is the kind of ballplayer bill loves. 6’2+ and 288 he’s a gifted run stopper. And drive the pocket back with a low center of gravity and good pad level. He also loves to punch balls loose. A lot of people have him going UDFA but i think Bill takes a shot.

Rd 6 Pick 187: Ivan Pace LB Cincinnati

Okay hold your water people, we are knocking on the door of the 200’s here. Pace is another tweener 5 '10 ½ and 231 lbs that I think will fit and fill more than a few roles here in New England. While being an undersized LB he is a see the ball go get the ball kind of football player who hits with massive intent and i can see Mayo using him often as a fourth rusher coming off the A gap. Also special teams usage is in his future.

Rd 6 pick 192: Jaren Hall QB BYU

Just to piss everyone off , just kidding, Bill likes to draft QBs, Hall has good anticipation and unlike his BYU predecessor is actually a smart football player. Has good spin on the ball outside the hashes and while he won't be confused with the better downfield throwers in this draft, he hits the short and intermediate passes and is a threat in RPO. I should have gone Juice Scruggs here, but i wanted to piss off someone LOL

Rd 6 pick 210: Alex Forsyth IOL Oregon

Okay project time. Forsyth played for Adrien Klem at Oregon and I mean played, before becoming the starting center for the best O-line in college football in 2022 Forsyth played at both guard spots and when you are looking for depth and a diamond in the rough here at 192 ? not too shabby.

Rd 7 pick 245: Ethan Evans P Wingate

Ethan Evans is THE number one punter in college football. True he plays for a college most people have heard of but never think about twice but DAMN. Evans is 6’4 235 lb specimen of a kicker. Who averaged 47.5 yards per punt and had a long of 67 yards last year. Drops balls inside the ten with regularity he also handles kick offs, and last year started kicking field goals .

That's it my rabid readers. Christmas is coming, how the Huddie Claus and the Patriots fill you're stockings is never clear. in fact predicting the Patriots draft is the most inane practice in sports writing. Gambling on how others gamble ? Crazy. I know i didn't grab a WR, I know i didn't take a safety. I took the seven players i think can help this team this year. and added in a project or four to be there in camp and fit into the practice squad.

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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