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The Lovable Menace: Does Raffy Devers Need to Change Raffy Devers

I was pursuing the webosphere yesterday when I came across another great piece by Steve Buckley at the athletic. I don't want to call it a puff piece. Buckley doesn't do that, we will call it a good human interest story. It was about Raffy Devers, he of the eleven year 331 million dollar Devers’. You might have heard of him. As it played out, Buck took us through a history of The Big Locker at JETBLUE Park the importance of it and Raffy taking possession, and Devers desire to just remain one of the guys. Please go give it a read. But can he ? Even more importantly should he ?

Mookie and Xander are now sadly gone and Devers is without question the best player wearing a red sox uniform. You could argue that he was before Bloom insulted Xander last spring with his offer. In fact I would. Being the best player on a team puts a certain amount of pressure on anyone. Is it pressure that Devers can handle ? Time will tell is the answer most people would put behind that question. But I say time is up. While Bloom has brought in veteran players this season they are not here on long term deals. Adam Duval is on a one year prove it deal and Justin Turner is here for a pair of seasons. Even fan and looker room favorite Kiké Hernandez is under contract for just one more season in the Fenway sun. So can the lovable menace fill the void left by the greats who came before him?

The answer is yes. But you and I may never witness it. As a long time coach of this greatest game I've come to see with my own eyes that there are many different kinds of leaders. Those that lead by example - those that lead by attitude - those that lead through authority - those that lead by pure presence. I don't see Raffy as any one of these types of people. But as a toned down amalgamation of all the aforementioned. In Buckley's piece there are glimpses in the form of quotes that lead me to believe this. Couple those with things that we have seen with our own eyes on the field and in Devers prep for each season. While some may question his “ Swagger “ no one can question his work ethic and love of this game. Two things that go a long way here in Boston and a long way in any clubhouse. Raffy “don’t go changing to try and please me.” Or anyone for that matter

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