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The Georgia Bulldogs Comeback To Win Miraculously 42-41: CFB Playoffs

Photo Credit: Jack Ozmer/UGA

The NCAA College Football playoffs are going ahead in full swing as New Year's night was marked by something super stunning. It simply does not and cannot get any better than the Peach Bowl match between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Ohio State Buckeyes. In a game won on a one-point difference, 42-41, there must have been lots of ups and downs. Here is a review of the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Ohio State Buckeyes.

Quarter by Quarter Breakdown:

It was a very tense and competitive environment as both teams looked to take the early lead. However, it remained close till the end of the first quarter as both teams scored 7 points. It was a slow start for both sides, but the heat and competitive nature were evident.

The second quarter was in favor of the Buckeyes as they scored 21 points in the period to lead by 28-24 at halftime. However, it was the third quarter that sealed the game for the Buckeyes.

Or so we thought!

Ohio State managed to score 10 points in the third quarter. Thus, leading by 38-24 after the end of the third quarter.

It all seemed one-way traffic as the Buckeyes were cruising toward a semi-final victory.

However, what followed was truly remarkable. The Bulldogs showed the character of a true champion, led by Stetson Bennett.

The Bulldogs entered the fourth quarter trailing by 14 points. Overcoming a 14-point deficit looked highly unlikely at that stage of the game. But, the Bulldogs pulled and pulled the game out of the jaws of defeat as they scored a ridiculous 18 points in the fourth quarter to make the final scoreline 42-41 in favor of the Dawgs.

The Heisman winner, in my opinion, Stetson Bennett went 4 of 4 for 152 yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.

Ohio State Had Their Chance To Win

The Buckeyes had a chance to seal the victory, trailing 42-41. Quarterback C.J. Stroud showed his brilliancy by marching Ohio State down the field for a game-winning 50-yard field goal. However, the field goal kicker for the Buckeyes, Noah Ruggles was unsuccessful in his attempt and the Bulldogs survived to play in the National Title game against the TCU Horned Frogs.

Overview From The Stunning Win For The Dawgs

The Bulldogs dominated the possession of the ball for only 27:24 minutes. However, their better yards-per-play average and 398 passing yards allowed them to recover the 14-point deficit in a crucial NCAA football fixture.

The thrilling Peach Bowl win will go down as one of the most memorable wins for the Georgia Bulldogs, considering it came on New Year's night. Fans will surely remember the incredible comeback for years to come.

The Dawgs have a 14-0 record this season and will look to win back-to-back championships against the TCU Horned Frogs on Jan 9.


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