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The game within the game in the NFL Draft

Unfortunately, we’re going to see the game within the game in the 2022 NFL Draft.  This is where the game tape, evaluations, and most importantly, a team’s grading system come into play.  Where do injured prospects rank and who jumps to take the chance on them?  Another key factor is First-round picks gets a 5-year contract, picks after that are 4-year contracts.  We’re looking at three Top-25 if healthy prospects in this draft, recovering from serious injuries.

Jameson Williams (WR) Alabama

The factory has churned out another stud WR, who will be a playmaker from Day one.  His speed is elite, great hands and route running is top-notch.  He plays with such great size and even played Gunner on the punt team for Nick Saban.  There is still a chance he’s the first WR off the board as rehab is going well.  Non-injury he’s a top-12 pick.  Injured he could go pretty close to that area with the Saints, Patriots, Packers, and Chiefs as teams to watch in the 1st round.

John Metchie II (WR) Alabama

Metchie is more of a technician, who can line up across the offense.  He’s a lot like Devonta Smith, who has  PHD in route-running while being silky smooth.  Metchie appears to be further away from a return, which has to be the reason he’s coming up as a Day 2 pick in 2022.  Teams that emphasize the Slot WR and versatility will be vying for his services.  Uninjured, he’s a Top-35 in a rich class.  Injured, I feel he goes 60-80 with New England, Seattle, and Chicago as solid landing spots.

David Ojabo (EDGE) Michigan

Ojabo played the opposite EDGE as a potential #1 pick on his defense in College.  Ojabo is no slouch with the 3-down ability and a guy who can start week one.  The problem is, this is a one-year injury.  You get him in your building, control the rehab and get him up to speed with how the operation works.  Uninjured-Top 17 pick.  Injured, somewhere on Day 2 to a team with veterans at EDGE.  Staple him to this veteran and teach him how to be a pro.  Stacked teams like Tampa, Cincinnati and Cleveland would be nice fits.

Damone Clark (ILB) LSU

Off-the-ball LB is a deep position in this year’s draft, Clark was among my favorite prospects in it.  Leader, hitter, playmaker, and sure-tackler who was going to make a team happy.  He was a Day 2/possible Early Day 3 pick.  Another prospect i staple to the vet and teach how to be a professional. I don’t have a specific team but I see 5th/6th round selection.

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