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The E2G Sports Network presents

You can see our live shows and podcast at the bottom of the site.  Here is a little help with the Talk radio button down below and what we offer for shows.  The shows are live on for the reason to have guests and callers.  After the show are completed, they are moved to podcast sites to be listened to in that way.  Here is your schedule, we will be adding more.


7p- On the Mat Monday with the Mayor and Joe Hunk- This is an different kind of show where we combine the wrestling expertise of Joe Hunk along with UFC insight from the Mayor.  The guys don’t just talk about both but give each a tutorial on their side to educate the other and listeners into interest and knowledge.  On top of that, you won’t find two more interesting personalities.

830 P (Starting March 15th) E2G Hockey with Dan and Tyson- Be prepared to be blown away.  Our Head of Hockey Editorial Dan Blanda is joined by Tyson Durante for a 90 minute show.  Like on the ice, it will be hard hitting, extremely informative with some really great guests.


4p- Table Talk- The ladies of E2G led by our own Janiac take on the hot button issues of sports and aren’t afraid to call anyone out..  It’s informative, opinionated and educational.  Andrea and Kristen add great views with knowledge and passion.

6:30P- Triple threat Tuesday Hoops show-  Our head of Basketball Department Ryan Beatty is joined by Ryan Edwards to bring you the best from around the league.  They don’t just keep it local but have a list each week of top topics around the league before they become big news items.  You can feel the love for the game through your speakers.


10A- Humpday with Sun Chips and Joe- The Executive team hear at E2G Sports go to the air and bring you the best around sports.  Executive Producer Johnny Sun Chips leas the charge on a show that brings guests like our own Jarvis Green on to bring an awesome angle to the game.  Joe is a great reference person who is like a sponge with sports and the whole experience.

8p- MGM Show- MJ, Galen and Mike talk all things sports and beyond.  The trio brings knowledge and passion to the team while also keeping it light and entertaining.  They produce some great reference points and keep you mentally engaged in their topics.


7p-The Day 3 Pick NFL Draft Show- Buddy Andrade along with members of the E2G NFL Draft team get you ready for the 2021 NFL Draft.  Not just your first rounders but your late round steals and sleepers.

8:30P- The Double Steal Baseball Show- Robert and Adam bring you everything from baseball on Thursday night.  From prospects in the low minors to your elite stars, Double steal has you informed and ready for baseball now…….also the future.


Floating time- Old Skool with Chips and Crowe-   We take you back with Old Skool to bring together Sun Chips and Crowe who were partners on Sportsradio 790 the Score in Providence.  The chemistry hasn’t changed at all and it’s a good trip down memory lane for fans of the defunct station.


12p- Football M.D-  Join John and Dalton as they diagnose what ails your NFL Team and how to remedy it.  All 32 teams are put on the table and examined to see what the best medicine, rehab and surgery works best.

5p- F1natic- The Mayor takes you around the world of F-1 Racing with insight and guests to keep you glued.

We will be adding more shows and talent to the roster.  Give all these great shows a listen and enjoy the E2G Sports Network.

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