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The Cleveland Indians are Now the Cleveland Guardians

Another moment in time has passed. Just as the Rustlers moved from Grand Rapids Michigan in 1900 to the great city of Cleveland and rebranded themselves The Lake Shores. Then in 1915 Name Indians was adopted is now drifting into the past. In a video narrated by Tom Hanks the Cleveland Baseball team has announced they are now. The Cleveland Guardians. 

Together, we are all… — Cleveland Indians (@Indians) July 23, 2021

After a long (not as long as the Washington Football team is taking) journey that involved city leaders – team historians and the public, the team has announced that it’s moving on from twentieth-century thinking and adopted the name of the iconic statues that grace the Lorain-Carnegie bridge. While paying tribute to its blue-collar city and fans. Cleveland Guardians

Introducing the Cleveland Guardians! The name will go into effect after the 2021 season. — MLB (@MLB) July 23, 2021

Not only does this writer find this change appropriate, I never had an issue with the team’s name itself. But I always had a problem with Chief Wahoo. It was belittling and degrading even to a kid like myself growing up hundreds of miles away. While Guardians on the other hand is a brilliant fun idea that fans can be proud of and enjoy. Excuse me while I go order the first “ I am Groot “ Jersey. 

Bravo Cleveland Bravo.  

Featured Image via Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images Cleveland Guardians

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