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The Boston Red Sox Extend Garrett Whitlock 

The Boston Red Sox have signed right-handed reliever Garrett Whitlock to a four-year contract extension, the team announced Sunday. The Deal sits at a guaranteed 18.75 million dollars. Not too shabby for a guy plucked from the same team ballpark when the deal was announced.  

Whit𝗟𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗗 𝗜𝗡 The #RedSox today signed RHP Garrett Whitlock to a four-year contract extension that spans the 2023-26 seasons, with club options for 2027 and 2028. — Red Sox (@RedSox) April 10, 2022

Dear Alannis Morissett , This is Irony.. Incase you were wondering 

To date one of Chaim Bloom‘s best moves was to pull the unprotected Whitlock from the Yankees in the rule five draft in 2020. Whitlock had Tommy John surgery in 2019 and no one in New York thought anyone would dive into that bargain bin. Ha Ha. No one counted on the Bloomin Bargain Hunter. If you say that with an ominous voice in your head it sounds even better, Go on try it. 


Bloom did dive in and his hunting paid off magnificently. In 2021 the surgically repaired Whitlock threw 73 ⅓ innings spread out over 46 games, to the tune of a 1.96 ERA – striking out 81 batters while walking just 17 foes. Not too shabby for saying. Yea give me the Tall Right w the bum wing. Good on you Chaim. Whitlock came up big in the postseason (we’re supposed to call it that now there was a memo from God.) knocking out those same Yankees in the wild card round. To go along with two great performances vs the Rays in the ALDS before tossing four innings in the ALCS where he gave up three hits and an earned run in game four. You know the rest of that story. 

Update: Garrett Whitlock is still filthy. — Red Sox (@RedSox) April 8, 2022

Here to Stay 

Bloom has now inked Whitlock to a 4 year deal worth the aforementioned total of $18.75 million from 2023 to 2026. The deal also includes club options for the 2027 and 2028 seasons. ( Club options ? thats surprising) and he will make $8.25 million in 2027 and $10.5 million in 2028 if the options are picked up. Reports say. The Red Sox could pay a $1 million buyout before 2027 or a $500,000 buyout before 2028. This seems like a big win for everyone in the building. Well everyone not named Brian Cashman. Isn’t it Ironic ?  

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