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South Osaka Pro Wrestling

While most Japan-based pro-wrestling companies focus their efforts on Tokyo, there is a company focusing on the third-largest city in Japan- Osaka. South Osaka Pro Wrestling made its debut this year and presents a roster that features a mix of talents who are familiar faces to fans of Japanese wrestling in general and talents who are popular with pro-wrestling fans in Osaka. Two of them are:

Magnitude Kishiwada, a former Open The Dream Gate Champion.

“brother” YASSHI, a former All Asia Tag Team Champion.

Other familiar faces include Yuji Yoshida (most recognized from his appearances in Michinoku Pro), Dyna Mido (most recognized from his appearances in DDT and BJW), Mikiya Sasaki (most recognized from his appearances in AJPW and WAVE) and Rising KID (most recognized from his 2009 appearance in AJPW).

South Osaka Pro Wrestling’s next event will be this Sunday, May 29 at the Osaka Municipal Hirano Ward Citizens Hall with a 5:30 pm start time. The card will be as follows:

Magnitude Kishiwada vs. Rising KID

Hideaki Sumi Mikiya Sasaki vs. “brother” YASSHI BADMAX Fujinaga

Takaku Fuke vs. Yusaku Ito

Dankichi Kuruma 布団大五郎 (w/ オンド河内) vs. Gamelas Dyna Mido

There will also be two kickboxing matches.

Earlier this month, there was a press conference for this event, but it didn’t take long for things to fall apart.

For those of you who will be in Japan on May 29, you can call South Osaka Pro Wrestling at 070-4343-7007 for ticket information.

More about Osaka

With a population of around 2.6 million, Osaka is called “the nation’s kitchen”, due to the city being popular for its food. For many years, Osaka was the capital of Japan. Today, the city has maintained its ancestral traditions, while also adding innovative technology. Osaka is also the birthplace of many well-known pro-wrestlers: Grand Slam Champion Asuka, 4-time former BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion Daisuke Sekimoto, 5-time former KO-D Openweight Champion Konosuke Takeshita, and former Triple Crown Champion Zeus.

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